Stoke Pool League

"Sponsored by Afford-Rent-a-Car"...

Singles Plate

Last updated Monday, August 23, 2021


John Hurst 1-4 Daz Cooke
7.30pm at Plaza
Tuesday 13th July

Second and Third Round

To be played
Tuesday 15th June 8.15 start

At Plaza
Dan Wright w/o Jon Locker
Phil Williams 1-4 John Hurst
Dan Wright w/o John Hurst
Lee Baskerville 0-4 Daz Cooke
Paul Ward 3-4 Neil Jones
Daz Cooke 4-3 Neil Jones

Draw available on You Tube

First Round

Best Of 7
Toss For First Break
Tuesday June 1st 8pm Start

At Ashwood
Mick Davies w/o Jon Locker
Llachlan Taperek w/o Jon Locker
At Longton Snooker T18
Michael Banks w/o Dan Wright
Dan Haney 1-4  Dan Wright
At Plaza Table 10
Lee Baskerville w/o Kev Brindley
At Plaza Table 10
Tom Ward w/o Paul Ward
At Plaza Table 7
Phil Williams 4-2  Tony Hazledine
At Plaza Table 7
John Hurst 4-0 Gareth Corr
At Plaza Table 6
Daz Cooke 4-2 Russ Warburton
At Plaza Table 6
Glenn Bradbury w/o Neil Jones