Stoke Pool League

Tuesday Pool at its Best...

Singles Plate

Last updated Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Tim Wager 3-4 Dave Smith


Andy Brammer 2-4 Tim Wager

Russ Malbon 1-4 Dave Smith

To Be played Tuesday 24th October
8.15 start At Plaza

Second / Third Rounds

To Be played Tuesday September 19th

All matches best of 7

At Longton Snooker Table 12
Paul Farrimond 4-3 Paul Ward
At Longton Snooker Table 13
Andy Brammer 4-0 Russ Fryer
At Longton Snooker Table 12
Farrimond 1-4 Brammer
At Longton Snooker Table 14
Tim Wager 4-1 Lee Baskerville
At Longton Snooker Table 15
Rob DiParno w/o Euan Dyer
At Longton Snooker Table 14
Wager 4-0 Dyer
At Longton Snooker Table 16
Russ Malbon w/o Phil Shergold
At Longton Snooker Table 18
John Hurst  4-3 Scott Brannan
At Longton Snooker Table 16
Malbon 4-3 Hurst
At Plaza Table 3
Dave Smith w/o Dave Higgins
At Plaza Table 4
Gaz Roberts 1-4 Tony Hazledine
At Plaza Table 3
Smith 4-3 Hazledine

First Round

To be played on Tuesday 20th June
Matches to start AFTER main singles matches
(9pm scratch)

Tom Ward 1-4 Paul Farrimond
Glenn Bradbury 2-4  Andy Brammer
Sean Cooper 0-4  Tim Wager
Longton Snooker T12
Rob DiParno w/o Keiron McConnell
Longton Snooker T15
Alan Walters 3-4  Dave Smith
Paul Ward v Bye
Russ Fryer v Bye
Lee Baskerville v Bye
Euan Dyer v Bye
Dave Higgins v Bye
Gaz Roberts v Bye
Tony Hazledine v Bye
Russ Malbon v Bye
Phil Shergold v Bye
John Hurst v Bye
Scott Brannan v Bye