Stoke Pool League

"Tuesday Pool at its Best!"...

Single Merits

Last updated Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Two & Three

Tuesday 18th June
Best of Seven
Start time 8.15

One Winner From Cuckoo T1/T2
At Cuckoo T1
Tom Brunskill v Andy Brammer
At Cuckoo T2
Nick Shenton v Sean Simpson
At Cuckoo T1
Winner  Cuckoo T1 v Winner  Cuckoo T2
One Winner From Venues Below
At Longton Snooker T12
George Bradbury v Andy Woodhouse
John Price v Winner of Above
At Longton Snooker T14
John Clowes v Daz Lightfoot
Phil Williams v Winner of Above
At Longton Snooker T16
Nick Wilshaw v Jim Wigley
Liam Flaherty v Winner of Above
At Green Baize T1
Rob Taylor v Kieron McDonald
Neil Jones v Winner of Above
At Plaza T7
Carl Hough v Lee Whitfield
Russ Malbon v Winner of Above
At Plaza T8
Michael Davies v Jon Hughes
Adam Davis v Winner of Above
At Plaza T9
Dave Smith v Dan Haney
Tony Hazledine v Winner of Above


Round One

Tuesday April 30th
Best of Seven
Start time 8.15

Venues with one match = One winner
Venues with two matches = Two winners
All losers gain free entry to the plate

At Cuckoo T2
John Clowes 4-1 Kieran McConnell
At Longton Snooker T13
Paul Farrimond 1-4 Adam Davis
At Longton Snooker T19
Paul Ward w/o Jon Hughes
At Longton Snooker T14
Andy Brammer 4-2 Ryan Cartwright
At Longton Snooker T15
Nick Shenton 4-3 Glenn Bradbury
At Corner Pin
Michael Davies 4-1 Scott Brannan
At Old Sal
Jim Wigley w/o Keith May
At Ashwood
Rob Taylor 4-3 Jon Locker
At Seabridge
Sean Simpson 4-2 Gaz Roberts
At Cuckoo T1
Russ Fryer 0-4 Carl Hough
Tom Brunskill w/o Martyn Whitehurst
At Plaza T6
Liam Flaherty 4-0 Jason Price
George Bradbury 4-2 Michael Banks
At Green Baize T1
John Price 4-1 Daz Conroy
Lee Mansell w/o Dave Smith
At Plaza T8
Daz Lightfoot 4-3 Steve Prince
Steve Jones 3-4 Neil Jones
At Longton Snooker T12
Sam Capper 2-4 Nick Wilshaw
Tom Ward w/o Kieron McDonald
At Plaza T7
Dan Haney 4-0 Dan Wright
Tony Hazledine 4-0 Andy Blackhurst
At Longton Snooker T18
Lee Walker 2-4 Russ Malbon
Phil Williams 4-0 Lee Baskerville
At Plaza T9
Lee Whitfield 4-2 Javed Iqbal
Kev Brindley 0-4 Andy Woodhouse