Stoke Pool League

Tuesday Pool at its Best...

Single Merits

Last updated Saturday, October 21, 2017

To Be Played Tuesday October 24th
8.15 start at Plaza
All Matches best of 7
Adam Davis v Chris Cooper
Jamie Symons v Martyn Jones
Lee Whitfield v Steve Finney
Nick Wilshaw v Steve Prince
Semi- Final - October 24th
Davis/Cooper v Symons/Jones
Whitfield/Finney v Wilshaw/Prince
Final to be played at the league presentation
Saturday February 10th -  Longton Snooker Club
Round Three

To Be played Tuesday September 19th

All matches best of 7

Players T5
Chris Cooper 4-0 Ryan Cope
Lee Whitfield 4-1 Jon Locker
Crompos T7
Steve Finney 4-2 Keiron Boulton
Plaza T9
Neil Jones 2-4 Jamie Symons
Plaza T8
Martyn Jones w/o Nick Shenton
Plaza T7
Nick Wilshaw 4-3 Liam White
Plaza T6
Steve Prince 4-1 Paul Ozanne
Crompos T8
Carl Heaton w/o Adam Davis

Round Two

To Be played Tuesday 20th June

All matches best of 7
8pm Start - 1 winner per table

Players T5
Michael Davies 3-4  Paul Ozanne
Liam Flaherty 2-4  Paul Ozanne
Plaza T6
Andrew Blackhurst 0-4 Mick Stewart
Carl Heaton 4-1 Mike Stewart
Plaza T7
Jon Locker 4-2 Andy Greatbatch
John Darlington w/o Jon Locker
Crompos T7
Mark Buckley 1-4 Lee Whitfield
Russ Warburton 2-4 Lee Whitfield
Longton Snooker T16
Jamie Symons 4-0 Javed Iqbal
Michael Banks 0-4 Jamie Symons
Plaza T9
Mark Powell 1-4 Adam Davis
Sam Capper 1-4 Adam Davis
Longton Snooker T18
Dave Beaumont 4-2 Jimmy Gower
Neil Jones 4-3 Dave Beaumont
Longton Snooker T14
Steve Finney 4-1 Dean Hamilton
Dave Jones 0-4 Steve Finney
Plaza T8
Liam White 4-1  Chris Roberts
Mark Ruscoe 1-4 Liam White
Longton Snooker T13
Craig Johnson 1-4 Ryan Cope
John Price 2-4 Ryan Cope
Chris Cooper 4-2 Darren Lightfoot
Daz Conroy 2-4 Keiron Boulton
Steve Jones w/o Nick Shenton
Longton Snooker T12
Nick Wilshaw 4-1 Wes Jervis
Crompos T8
Steve Prince 4-2 Pete Flanagan
Longton Snooker T15
Martyn Jones 4-3 Phil Williams

Any player not attending must inform the  secretary by 5pm on Tuesday June 20th to avoid incurring a fine

Round One

All matches must be played on
Tuesday May 2nd at the venue stated

Longton Snooker T16
Javed Iqbal 4-2 Eddie Burke
Dave Higgins 1-4 Ryan Cope
Crompos T7
Paul Farrimond 2-4 Steve Prince
Pete Flanagan 4-0 Sam  Till
Longton Snooker T12
Chris Roberts w/o Ade Kelsall
Mark Buckley 4-3 Carl Holdham
Longton Snooker T18
Craig Barber 0-4 Liam Flaherty
Phil Williams 4-3 Russ Fryer
Plaza T3
Alan Walters 2-4 Chris Cooper
Steve Finney 4-3 Tony Hazledine
Mick Stewart 4-3 Andy Brammer
Lee Baskerville 0-4 Keiron Boulton
Players T11
Andrew Blackhurst 4-3 John Clowes
John Hurst 1-4 Dave Beaumont
Players T5
Gaz Davies 1-4 John Price
Michael Davies 4-3 Rob DiParno
Longton Snooker T14
Daz Conroy w/o Danny Evans
Ian Higgs 1-4 Nick Shenton
Longton Snooker T13
Keiron McConnell w/o Darren Lightfoot
Glenn Bradbury 2-4 Russ Warburton
Longton Snooker T15
Euan Dyer 2-4 John Locker
Jamie Symons w/o Jon Hughes
Carl Heaton w/o Richard Evans
Michael Banks 4-1 Russ Malbon
Players T12
Phil Shergold 2-4 Nick Wilshaw
Paul Ozanne 4-3 Andy Woodhouse
Plaza T8
Ben Cooper w/o Lee Whitfield
George Bradbury w/o Martyn Jones
Plaza T4
Gaz Roberts 1-4 Andy Greatbatch
Jimmy Gower 4-2 Tom Ward
Plaza T5
Neil Jones w/o Ash Cooper
Jim Wigley 2-4 Mark Ruscoe
Plaza T6
Steve Jones 4-3 Paul Ward
Dave Jones 4-2 Ricky McGraw
John Darlington 4-1 Tim Wager
Liam White w/o Rob Edgerton
Crompos T8
Wes Jervis 4-3 Sean Cooper
Craig Johnson w/o Steve Mowat
Plaza T7
Dean Hamilton 4-2 Scott Brannan
Dave Wootley w/o Mark Powell
Plaza T9
Adam Davis 4-0 Dave Smith
Shaun Simpson 3-4 Sam Capper

Any player not attending must inform the  secretary by 5pm on Tuesday May 2nd to avoid incurring a fine