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Last Updated - Saturday, May 26, 2018

To Be Played
Liam Flaherty v Phil Williams
Michael Davies v Keiron McDonald
Jason Price v Lee Mansell
Lee Mansell v Kieran McConnell
Sam Capper v Chris Bowers
Steve Mowat v Michael Davies
Keiron McDonald v Paul Ward
Wayne Connor v Jason Price
Javed Iqbal v Daz Conroy
27 May   League week 13
3pm Start
Liam Flaherty v Kieran McConnell
Chris Bowers v Paul Smith
Jamie Symons v Sam Capper
5pm Start
Michael Davies v Lee Walker
Paul Ward v Steve Mowat
Jason Price v Keiron McDonald
Wayne Connor v Lee Mansell
7pm Start
Lee Hammersley v Javed Iqbal
Daz Conroy v Phil Williams
Andy Cragg v Steve Jones
3 Jun   League week 14
3pm Start
Javed Iqbal v Chris Bowers
Paul Smith v Jamie Symons
Sam Capper v Michael Davies
5pm Start
Lee Walker v Paul Ward
Steve Mowat v Jason Price
Keiron McDonald v Wayne Connor
Phil Williams v Lee Hammersley
7pm Start
Steve Jones v Daz Conroy
Kieran McConnell v Andy Cragg
Lee Mansell v Liam Flaherty
10 Jun   League week 15
3pm Start
Michael Davies v Paul Smith
Paul Ward v Sam Capper
Jason Price v Lee Walker
5pm Start
Keiron McDonald v Lee Mansell
Lee Hammersley v Steve Jones
Daz Conroy v Kieran McConnell
7pm Start
Andy Cragg v Liam Flaherty
Chris Bowers v Phil Williams
Jamie Symons v Javed Iqbal
17 Jun   Free Week
24 Jun   League week 16
3pm Start
Paul Smith v Paul Ward
Sam Capper v Jason Price
Lee Walker v Wayne Connor
5pm Start
Steve Mowat v Keiron McDonald
Kieran McConnell v Lee Hammersley
Liam Flaherty v Daz Conroy
Lee Mansell v Andy Cragg
7pm Start
Steve Jones v Chris Bowers
Phil Williams v Jamie Symons
Javed Iqbal v Michael Davies
1 Jul   League week 17
3pm Start
Wayne Connor v Sam Capper
Keiron McDonald v Lee Walker
Steve Mowat v Lee Mansell
5pm Start
Lee Hammersley v Liam Flaherty
Daz Conroy v Andy Cragg
Chris Bowers v Kieran McConnell
Jamie Symons v Steve Jones
7pm Start
Michael Davies v Phil Williams
Paul Ward v Javed Iqbal
Jason Price v Paul Smith
8 Jul   League week 18
3pm Start
Sam Capper v Keiron McDonald
Lee Walker v Steve Mowat
Andy Cragg v Lee Hammersley
5pm Start
Lee Mansell v Daz Conroy
Liam Flaherty v Chris Bowers
Kieran McConnell v Jamie Symons
Steve Jones v Michael Davies
7pm Start
Phil Williams v Paul Ward
Javed Iqbal v Jason Price
Paul Smith v Wayne Connor
15 Jul   League week 19
3pm Start
Lee Walker v Lee Mansell
Lee Hammersley v Daz Conroy
Chris Bowers v Andy Cragg
5pm Start
Jamie Symons v Liam Flaherty
Michael Davies v Kieran McConnell
Paul Ward v Steve Jones
Jason Price v Phil Williams
7pm Start
Wayne Connor v Javed Iqbal
Keiron McDonald v Paul Smith
Steve Mowat v Sam Capper
22-Jul   Free Week

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