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15 Oct   League week 16
To Be Played
Andy Cragg v Daniel Gough
Shaun Cooper v Paul Ward
Daz Conroy v Nathan Gough
22 Oct   League week 17
To Be Played
Daniel Gough v Shaun Cooper
Jeff Woolley v Andy Cragg
Phil Williams v Michael Davies
Liam Flaherty v Chris Bowers
Nathan Gough v Steve Jones
29 Oct   League week 18
Shaun Cooper v Jeff Woolley
Andy Cragg v Richard Haslam
Michael Davies v Paul Ward
Russ Warburton v Phil Williams
Javed Iqbal v Daniel Gough
Bye v Liam Flaherty
Chris Bowers v Lee Walker
Steve Jones v Matt Stacey
Daz Conroy v Wes Jervis
5 Nov   League week 19
Nathan Gough v Andy Cragg
Paul Ward v Phil Williams
Jeff Woolley v Javed Iqbal
Richard Haslam v Shaun Cooper
Chris Bowers v Russ Warburton
Matt Stacey v Daz Cooke
Wes Jervis v Steve Jones
Liam Flaherty v Daz Conroy
Lee Walker v Bye
12 Nov   Free Week

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