Stoke Pool League

"Tuesday Pool at its Best!"...

Afford Knockout Cup

Afford Knockout Cup

First Round

Cross Keys 3-6 Green Baize
Seabridge 4-6 Cuckoo B
Spitfires B 4-6 Cuckoo A
Plaza B 6-4 Spitfires A
Longton Moor 4-6 Wolstanton
Ashwood 3-6 Misfits
Plaza 6-0 Old Sal
Longton Pool 6-1 Corner Pin B
Scorpions 5-6 Nomads
Cuckoo Rileys 6-4 Corner Pin A
Longton Zzz's 6-0 Bye
To Be played Tuesday 15th January.


Afford Knockout Plate