Stoke Pool League

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Pdf Version World Rules

 League set up
. Two divisions to run at the discretion of the committee.
2. Matches to 10 singles: - Teams may play 4-6 players.
3. A playing format must be followed 4v4 4v5 etc. This must be done prior to the lag
4. Lag for break in FIRST FRAME ONLY Alternate Break after – teams to referee own Break
*Covid - Home side lag first - away side then lags.
Winning player may nominate to 'give' break away.
5. Playing format (order) must always be followed. All frames in league games must be played out. Please Use Format ‘2021 Alternative Break Order’
6. Teams can only consist of ONE A Grade standard player. See website for up-to-date listing (Appendix 1)
7. Teams may have a maximum of TWO B Grade standard players (Appendix 1)
8. Please Note Teams with A Grade player may only play with One B Grade Player. (See Appendix 1 for players)
9. Only one county player per SIDE allowed outside the Premier Division.
10. Players termed as county players at the discretion of the committee (guideline: - played county at Men’s A or B in last three seasons, relegated sides are exempt if players have played 33% of previous season)
11. Teams dropping out: -if the first half of the season has been completed then these results stand with results void on second half of season. Same for 3rd/4th time if applicable etc.
12. Any teams (players) and venues dropping out of the league before completion of season are automatically banned for one complete season following.
13. Afford K/O cup and Plate to be played at first venue drawn over 10 frames. Teams must follow the playing format. Should this be a tie blackball shoot out as per sheet.
⦁ Black Ball Shootout rules:-
The ‘Shootout’ must be officiated by the home team captain
Teams must name four players who have played in the match. These players must be present at start of the shootout. The ‘Black’ must be positioned on the Black spot with the Number 8 facing the baulk end.
14. A Plate competition will run in the ‘main’ cup competitions
15. No postponements – Teams can play with a minimum of 2 players.
16. *Cancellation of match without 48 hours notice £15 fine - The team (if away) will forfeit home advantage 'next time around' should this be possible.
17. 11. Any teams tied in trophy/relegation places, a play-off will be held. (Frames and head-to-head do not count)
⦁ This will be played with the same format as a league game at the sponsors venue.
⦁ Should this end equal it will be a three man play-off on three tables (one frame per player) at the same time. *****Break order to be decided by lagging in all 3 play-off frames.****
⦁ Should more than two teams ‘tie’, a mini round robin will take place and the top 2 will create a ‘Grand Final’.
⦁ For relegation, the bottom two would create a ‘Relegation play-off’ Positions determined by points then frames in play-off ‘league’. Should this be a ‘tie’, a further play-off format will be decided by the committee.
18. SEASON: - The season will commence at the discretion of the secretary. The‘calendar’ (June to June) will be at his/her discretion to include merits and cup competitions. The AGM will be at the discretion of the Secretary and on the completion of the season.
19. World rules to be played.
20. A player is not allowed to play his 3 frames (or 2 if applicable) consecutively (whether working etc. Or not). Should this become apparent to a committee member the player is deemed to not have played and loses his frames and a £10 fine is applied to both player and team. No appeals allowed.
21. The 3-session rule must be always adhered to.
⦁ Teams have the right to complain after match (to the secretary) and all frames will be deducted and awarded accordingly if the 3-session rule is broke.
If a player plays in the wrong order.
⦁ If team captains notice that a player has played out of the set order (plays the wrong player) then the frame will be stopped immediately.
⦁ Should the frame have been completed then the following will take place.
⦁ If the ‘innocent’ player has won, the frame score stands and the order is
immediately returned to normal.
⦁ If the ‘guilty’ player wins then the frame is to be replayed with the correct
It is the responsibility of the team captains to ensure the order is kept.
23. 20. Plaza Fours Rules
All teams to be ‘drawn’ prior to the match starting. Any player not present will lose his frame (11 frame match) Substitutes are allowed in fours 1 in 1 out. Players are not allowed ‘back’ in the side.
24. No players to be signed on the night without secretaries’ authorisation.
⦁ Signing new players The following must be adhered to: -
⦁ Secretary to be informed by Text message on the night of players first match (before 7.30)
⦁ Please then mark * the new player on the result sheet.
⦁ Failure to do so will deem the player unsigned and a £10 fine plus any other penalties that would apply.
⦁ All newly registered players to be paid for by two league meetings or their frames deducted.
25. A team playing an un-signed player will forfeit the match at the venue where the said player played, by the maximum score to nil.
⦁ The said team will face a disciplinary hearing with penalties from points to pounds including administration expenses.
26. Secretary to set date at which no new signings can be made.
27. Player qualification for ALL CUP Semis, Finals and any LEAGUE PLAY-OFFS to be 33 % of league games. (Committee members exempt) Should the semis and final be prior to the end of the season then he 33% of league games will be taken from the last league game prior to the semi/final.
29. If a player has not played 33 % the said player is ILLEGAL.
⦁ Playing of ILLEGAL player is automatic team disqualification without appeal.
30. Players are only eligible to be written on the team playing sheet if they are ‘actually present’ on the evening.
31. Cup Finals: -
⦁ Plaza Fours (semis and final) to be played one table playing 11 frames per match as per previous rounds at the sponsor’s venue.
⦁ Afford KO & Plate (Final) to be played one table playing 10 frames match as per
previous rounds at the sponsor’s venue.
32. All other ‘cup’ competitions to be played from semi-final stage at the sponsors venue, format at Tournament Directors discretion.
33. No transfers between teams.
34. Eight Ball Clearances are allowed in league and cup games*An eight-ball can only be awarded for a clearance of all nominated balls (8) from players first visit only with 15 balls on the table. The score sheet must be marked on the frame that the 8-ball was achieved and signed at the top of the sheet.
35. Should a match be forfeited then the ‘innocent’ side may enter 4 players on the score sheet that will go towards the 33% playing rule
36. All disputes must be handed in writing to the secretary (text NOT allowed) within seven days of the said occurrence (email allowed)
37. All voting in any disputes /disciplinary issues will be done in private.
38. Appeals to a league disciplinary decision. All appeals must be in to the secretary within 7 days of the said decision, in writing. A £10 admin fee must be accompanied with the letter. This is refundable if the appeal is successful
*This will be heard by 5 impartial delegates and chaired by the chairman.


39. Entry fees to
⦁ single merits £5 per person. Plate Free Entry
⦁ Doubles £6 per pair. Plate Free Entry
⦁ OFK £2 per person. Double Elimination
40. All merit entries must be accompanied by payment or no entry
41. Merits qualification last 8 singles to be based on logistics and of discretion of merits secretary. Player Qualification is 33% of League Games.(Committee members exempt)Should this be prior to the end of the season then he 33% of league games will be taken from the last league game prior to the date.
42. All Single merits must be played on given night. No re-arranging. Any players found to have played on an alternative date will be excluded from the competition.
43. Single Merits last 16 of the main competition to be played on drawn tables. (Secretary to nominate suitable tables) Last 8 of main merits competitions to be held at
sponsor’s venue.
44. No prize money for any competitions including all merit competitions.(committee discretion on money only competitions and sponsorship)
45. Venues are to pay for merits
46. Merits venues to be drawn out and therefore players may play at own venue.
47. No merits take place in August i.e. during main school holiday
One Frame KO double elimination until last 16 stage, 8 x no loss v 8 x 1 loss . Open draw therefore players can play each other again.
49. The 33% ruling for Doubles will be last 4 stage.
50. Double merits will be of the ‘Scotch’ rules and no talking in play will be allowed.
51. Any player not giving 24 hours notice for non-attendance at merits to be fined. (£5 this includes Singles, Doubles and One Frame KO, Player of the Season and all Plate competitions)
Fees/ fines
52. League fees £80 This includes 5 free player registrations
53. Teams can sign as many players as required at £5 per player signing fee.
54. The League Fees must be paid in full by the fourth meeting following the AGM. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a immediate suspension from the league and all points forfeited during suspension, if necessary STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY POOL ASSOCIATION will be contacted to recover any payments
55. Each team must pay £5 draw money per meeting: - July to June
56. Teams are requested to attend 1/3 meetings. (4 per year minimum)
57. 2 ATTENDING teams will be drawn for the draw money.
58. Teams falling £15 behind in draw money are deducted one league point.
59. Results to be text through before 11pm on a Tuesday.
60. Scorecards must be posted on the league FACEBOOK page or sent via WhatsApp/Messenger to the secretary by 10am on the Wednesday.
61. No result sheet posted as above £5
62. Team signing sheets must be returned by March meeting with all players signing fees to be included or £10 automatic fine.
63. Secretary having to contact team for a result £5 (please see results to be texted)
64. Teams changing venues during the season will pay a £25 admin fee. This will not be applied if the pub closes down.
65. Cancellation of match without 48 hours’ notice £15 - The team (if away) will forfeit home advantage 'next time around' should this be possible.
66. Not turning up for merits/POTY etc £5
Other rules
67. 5 trophies to be awarded to league & cup winners
68. Players can only play in the ‘league’ on one night (i.e. not in another league and ‘our’ night)
69. Physical or verbal abuse towards any player, official or any league will not be tolerated and can result in expulsion, suspension, fines and may be reported to SCPA.
70. With the increase use of Social networking, website forums etc. any player that uses these tools to verbally attack any player, official or any league, will be subject to disciplinary sanctions by the League Committee. The committee will have the powers, equivalent to any verbal intimidation, to punish the person involved.
71. The Committee have the power to ban/suspend/refuse signatory or fine any Team/Player who brings the League into disrepute. The committee have the powers to ban any player they feel necessary who has verbally abused any member of the committee.
72. If a player deliberately strikes/thumps the table in anger (usually immediately following a bad shot) then this is deemed contrary to the spirit of the game and the frame is immediately forfeited and awarded to the opponent. (As per EPA rule)
73. If a player deliberately interferes with the movements of the balls, other than normal striking of the cue ball, at any time during the game then this is deemed contrary to the spirit of the game and the frame is immediately forfeited and awarded to the opponent. This includes catching of the white ball before it enters a pocket ...(As per EPA Rule)
74. Venues with multiple tables can change tables as long as they are of same size
75. Meetings to start at 8pm prompt and are all at Longton Snooker Club
76. Pro Cup balls to be used in all divisions.
77. Any team found not using the pro cup balls and spotted white will lose the match 9-0, and be fined £10.
78. Teams must display the League Calendar in the ‘POOL PLAYING AREA’. Any teams
failing this will be fined £10 per missing item.
79. All players must abide by the internal rules / league constitution. After striking the cue ball in their first match they are deemed to have agreed to these rules.
80. Non return of trophies at penultimate league meeting automatic £10 fine.
81. Any team damaging or losing an annual trophy will be liable for replacement or repair charges at the committee’s discretion. (A cost will be communicated with all team members from previous season and split. SCPA to be informed if not resolved.
Premier Shield:- Cost to replace£300
Championship Shield:-Cost to replace £200
Afford Knockout Cup:- Cost to replace £175
Super Sixes:- Cost to replace £175
Single Merits :- Cost to replace £250
One Frame KO :- Cost to replace £100
82. At The discretion of the Secretary … Stats will only be done for LEAGUE GAMES. Top 24 of the players in each division (based on frames won and thus gaining a seeded position) MAY be invited to play for the Player of the Season. A winning trophy only per division will be awarded.
83. Matters arising not covered by the constitution or internal league rules will be dealt with by the committee. The committees decision will be final and binding and not covered by any appeals .This ruling will be verified at the next AGM and incorporated into the internal rules.

THESE RULES WERE PASSED @THE LEAGUES 2020 AGM ON 19.12.2019 and will be used for the 2021/22 season

Grade A – Adam Davis – Lee Whitfield– Liam White –Lee Kendall –Rob Wharne- Gaz Potts- Neil Raybone-Jimmy Croxton
Grade B – Ryan Cope-Carl Hough – Danny Evans -Ian Duffy-Alex Bailey-Andy Blurton –
Daz Lightfoot- John Price