Stoke Pool League

40th Anniversary of the League...

Doubles Merits

 To be played on Sunday July 28th
12.30 start at Plaza
Draw at 12.15

Basic Rules
Scotch Doubles to be played
Interpretation : Alternative shots during break.
Once your opponents visit is finished (white ball stops )

Lag for first break
Breaks must be in order i.e. A player can only break once.
Unless it goes to to frame 5 then the player who broke first will break again
All matches will be best of 5

Simon Heaton &Tom Ward (Longton Moor)
Lee Walker & Andy Woodhouse (Plaza)
Adam Davis & Carl Hough (Plaza)
Javed Iqbal & Sam Capper (Plaza)
Rob Taylor & Adam Wright (Longton Pool)
Michael Banks & Raz Khalifa (Longton Pool)
Brett Mooney & Morgan Brannan (Corner Pin B)
Neil Jones & John Price (Plaza B)
Steve Dawe & Rob Murray (Plaza B)
Jim Wigley & Lee Mansell (Cuckoo A)
Phil Shergold & Chris Bowers (Cuckoo A)
Jon Locker & Martyn Whitehurst (Misfits)
Phil Williams & Paul Ward (Misfits)
Sean Simpson & John Clowes (Scorpions)
Jon Hughes & Kieron McDonald (Scorpions)
George Bradbury & Gaz Roberts (Nomads)
Lee Whitfield & Mark Mannion (Green Baize)
Daz Cooke & Daz Conroy (Wolstanton)
Dave Beaumont & Steve Glover (Longton Moor)