Stoke Pool League

40th Anniversary of the League...

Doubles Merits

 To be played on Sunday 29th July
12.30 start at Plaza

Basic Rules
Scotch Doubles to be played
Interpretation : Alternative shots during break.
Once your opponents visit is finished (white ball stops )

Lag for first break
Breaks must be in order i.e. A player can only break once.
Unless it goes to to frame 5 then the player who broke first will break again
All matches will be best of 5

Tom Ward & Luke Shaw (Blacks Head)
Phil Kelsall & Sam Salt (Corner Pin)
Martin Love & Phillip Love (Crompos A)
Rob Edgerton & Phil Ellis (Crompos B)
Mick Stewart & Gary Linnell (Crompos B)
Lee Mansell & Jim Wigley (Cuckoo)
Dave Beaumont & Steve Glover (Longton Moor)
Rob Taylor & Adam Wright (Longton Pool)
Michael Banks & Raz Khalifa (Longton Pool)
John Locker & Martyn Whitehurst (Longton Snooker)
Paul Ward & Phil Williams (Misfits)
George Bradbury & Gaz Roberts (Nomads)
Richard Evans & Glenn Bradbury (Nomads)
Daz Lightfoot & Ryan Cope (Players)
Adam Davis & Carl Hough (Plaza)
Andy Woodhouse & Lee Walker (Plaza)
Javed Iqbal & Dean Bowyer (Plaza)
Neil Jones & John Price (Plaza B)
Paul Ozanne & Kieran McConnell (Plaza B)
S Simpson & K McDonald (Scorpions)
Daz Conroy & Daz Cooke (Wolstanton)
Matt Callear & Kyle Cotton (Cricketers Arms)
Chris Kelsall & Ash Mercer (Corner Pin)
Ron Carnall & Daz Potts (Old Sal)