Stoke Pool League

"Sponsored by Afford-Rent-a-Car"...

Doubles Merits

Basic Rules
Scotch Doubles to be played
Interpretation : Alternative shots during break.
Once your opponents visit is finished (white ball stops)

Toss for first break
Breaks must be in order i.e. A player can only break once.
Unless it goes to to frame 5 then the player who broke first will break again
All matches will be best of 5

First Round

To be Played Tuesday 26th October 8pm

Full Draw on You Tube

At Plaza T6
Lee Mansell & Kieran McConnell v
Steve Jones & Jamie Salt
At Scorpions T9
Hayden Frankland & Josh Fletch-Norman v
Scott Brannan & Lachlan Taperek
At Plaza Blinders T16
Zac Cooper & Lee Hammersley v
Mick Stewart & Phil Ellis
At Norton Club
Raz Khalifa & Michael Banks v
Kieron Boulton & Jason Brindley
At Corner Pin
Andy Read & Michelle Radley v
Daz Potts & Phil Marsh
At Wolstanton
Daniel Ward & Brett Mooney v
Sean Simpson & Steve Prince
At Plaza B T7
Steve Pointon & Gary Linnell v
Paul Smith & Phil Williams
At Plaza Cuckoo T8
Paul Ward & Tony Hazledine v
Russ Fryer & Mark Mooney
At Red Lion
Jason Price & Tom Ward v
Rob Taylor & Adam Wright
At Smallthorne Vic
Kev Clarke & Wayne Goodwin v
Javed Iqbal & Ryan Dimarco
At Longton Pool T8
George Bradbury & Gaz Roberts v
Ant Blurton & Andy Woodhouse
At Nomads T14
Neil Jones & Rob Murray v
Nick Wilshaw & Dean Hamilton
At Plaza Potterz T14
Lee Philips & Dan Haney v
John Hurst & Liam Flaherty
At Spitfires B T10
Lee Baskerville & Alex Batchelor v
Ade Thursfield & Pete Flanagan
At Spitfires A T11
Daz Conroy & Daz Cooke v
Adam Davis & Carl Hough
At Ashwood
Gareth Corr & Dave McCue v
Daz Meek & Phil Kelsall


Last updated Thursday, September 23, 2021