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04.12.2019 ...END OF SEASON CUPS ...

Semi-Final Line-ups
To be played Tuesday 10th December 8.15 start At Plaza

Complete Accident Repair Trophy
Plaza v Cuckoo A
Green Baize v Wolstanton

One Stop Computers Cup
Nomads v Longton Zzz's
Scorpions v Plaza B

Trent Trophies Shield
Spitfires B v Corner Pin A
Cricketers v Ashwood

27.11.2019 ...AFFORD KO CUP FINAL ...

Last night our main KO cup came to a conclusion and it was Plaza B who were the victors, winning 6 frames to 1 over Longton Pool . In a one sided affair , Plaza B started with a Rob Murray 8 ball and raced into a 4-0 lead before easing home 6-1.

In the Plate final , which was streamed, it went all the way to a blackball shoot out before Players , in yet another shoot out, edged Spitfires A 2-1 after a 5-5 draw in 'normal' time.

A reminder that there's a league meeting on Thursday , 8.30 at Longton Snooker.

19.11.2019 ...CAR/OSC & TT MATCH 4...

In tonight's games, the Complete Accident Repair Trophy Plaza went back to top of the group , thanks to a 10-0 whitewash over Cuckoo B. Green Baize edged Wolstanton 6-4 to move second. Cuckoo A hammered Corner Pin B 9-1

The One Stop Computers Group A Nomads remain 3/3 after a 6-4 win at Longton Moor. Plaza B knocked Spitfires A out by winning 7-3.

In Group B leaders Scorpions could only manage a draw with Misfits, who are now out of the competition. Cuckoo Rileys and Players also shared the points in a 5-5 draw.

In the Trent Trophies Shield Spitfires B still are 100% after a 7-3 home win over Black Lion.Corner Pin A were 7-3 winners at home to Princess Royal and it also books them a spot in the semi-finals. Cricketers also reached the semi-final with a 5-5 draw at home to Ashwood.

The final group games are on Tuesday December 3rd ... The semi-finals are on December 10th ...

Next week we see the finals of our 'Blue Ribbon' cup competition , The Afford KO Cup and Plate. Plaza B will play Longton Pool and in the Plate its Players v Spitfires A . Both matches will be at Plaza 8.15 start and one game will be streamed live.

12.11.2019 ...CAR/OSC & TT MATCH 3 ...

Round 3 of the end of season cups and in the Complete Accident Repair Trophy Championship Champions Wolstanton warmed up for next season beating Premier Champions Plaza 7-3. Green Baize were 10-0 winners over the Afford Division champions Corner Pin B. Cuckoo A showed who was the top side Cuckoo side beating Cuckoo B 7-3 'away'.

The One Stop Computers Cup Group A saw Nomads make it 2 wins out of 2 , beating Spitfires 6-4. Longton Pool also were 6-4 winners at home to Longton Moor.

Group B saw Players beat Misfits 6-4 and Longton Zzz's 7-3 winners at home to Cuckoo Rileys.

In the Trent Trophies Shield Spitfires B made it 3 from 3 and already into the semi-finals , this week it was a 6-4 win at Princess Royal. Cricketers were 7-3 winners at Black Lion and Corner Pin and Ashwood shared the points in a 5-5 draw.

Next week its match 4 in each of the competitions ...

05.11.2019 ...CAR/OSC & TT MATCH 2 ...

Bonfire night night and will there be any cues getting chucked on after tonight's matches. Two sides from the Championship recorded wins over Premier opposition ... and the groups are starting to take shape.

In the Complete Accident Repair Trophy all matches went to form. Premier Champions Plaza eased to a 7-3 win over Afford Division Champions Corner Pin B. Green Baize were 7-3 victors at Cuckoo A and Wolstanton also recorded a 7-3 win at Cuckoo B.

In the One Stop Computers Cup Group A we saw the two upsets. Nomads, end of season cup specialists, were 6-4 victors over Plaza B. Spitfires A also were victors over Premier opposition beating Plaza 4s Champions Longton Pool 7-3.
In Group B, Scorpions remain unbeaten after a 7-3 win over Players. Longton Zzz's got their first points easily beating Misfits 8-2.

In the Trent Trophies Shield Corner Pin A edged a 6-4 home win over Black Lion, Spitfires B made it 2 from 2 beating Cricketers 6-4 and Ashwood recorded a 7-3 win at Princess Royal.

Next week its Match 3 in all the groups ...

30.10.2019 ...PLAZA FOURS FINAL ...

Last nights action saw the finals of the Plaza 4s and Plate. The finals played between 3 sides playing 12 frames against each side in a 18 frame match. In the main event Longton Pool took the title as Micky Banks coolly took the final black against Longton Zzz's to reach a match winning 9 frames. Longton Zzz's were runners up getting 7 frames.

In the Plate it was closer and this also went to the last frame. In a incredible finish all three sides , Players Misfits and Corner Pin A all ended up with 6 frames each and off we went to a 3 way blackball shootout ... Misfits recorded 4/4 and were winners,  Players 2/4 and therefore were runners up.

The format in its second season proved a winner and once again Stoke Pool League were overall winners.

22.10.2019 ...CAR/OSC & TT MATCH 1 ...

The opening round of fixtures in the end of season cups produced the following ... In the Complete Accident Repair Trophy, Corner Pin B were 8-2 winners over Cuckoo B ... Wolstanton were held to a 5-5 draw by Cuckoo A.

The One Stop Computers Cup , split into 2 groups, saw favourites for the competition Plaza B, ease to a 9-1 away win at Longton Pool. Longton Moor and Spitfires A shared a 5-5 draw.

In Group B Cuckoo Rileys and Misfits drew 5-5 and Scorpions were 6-4 winners at Longton Zzz's.

The Trent Trophies Shield , showed how close it will be. as all 3 matches ended 6-4. Cricketers were winners at home to Corner Pin A, Spitfires B were winners at Ashwood and Princess Royal were winners at Black Lion ... congratulations to the Princess Royal ...

Next week is the first finals of the season , the Plaza Fours and Plate ...
All team captains have been contacted to send their team order prior to the start ... Good luck to all 6 sides ..

15.10.2019 ...LEAGUE MATCH 28 ...

The final league fixtures of the 2019 season had 3 issues at stake... Congratulations firstly to Green Baize , who scrapped a 5-5 draw with Plaza B , at one point were 4-0 down, this giving them the runners up spot in the Premier League. In the Afford Division, its congratulations to Corner Pin B who eased to a 7-3 win over rivals Cuckoo B to win the league title. The 3rd issue was the Championship and its congratulations to Wolstanton, without playing they become the champions after Cuckoo A could only manage a point in a 5-5 away draw at Longton Moor.

So a quick round up of the 'other' games. In the Premier bottom side Longton Pool beat Champions Plaza 6-4 , Longton Zzz's finished the season in fourth place after a 6-4 win at Scorpions.

The Championship saw Nomads confirmed 3rd after beating Cuckoo Rileys 7-3.

The Afford division saw wins for Spitfires B 8-2 over Princess Royal and Ashwood 6-4 over Black Lion.

Next week we see the first round of matches in the Champions Trophy, One Stop Computers Cup and Trent Trophies Shield.
All will be available hopefully some time tommorrow.

08.10.2019 ...LEAGUE MATCH 27 ...

The penultimate week in the league season had all eyes on the Championship as the top two Cuckoo A and Wolstanton clashed at the Cuckoo. It was going to need a top performance from Wolstanton to win and that it did, a 8-2 win ... Cuckoo A now have to win next week at Longton Moor to take the title to a play-off .. and for the critics of the splitting of the league , a smug grin from myself... both divisions to be settled on match 28 ...

Also in the Championship Spitfires A were 6-4 winners over Nomads and Longton Moor also 6-4 over Cuckoo Rileys.

In the Premier League, the runners up spot was the key tonight, Green Baize were 7-3 winners over Misfits and with Plaza B losing the final four frames to go down 6-4 at home to Scorpions it all means Plaza B need to beat Green Baize next week for it to go to a play off. Longton Zzz's shared a 5-5 draw with Longton Pool , meaning Longton Pool will finish bottom.

The Afford Division will go to the final week with both the top two winning 7-3, Corner Pin B over Spitfires B and Cuckoo B over Corner Pin A. This means next week the two teams clash at the Corner Pin with the title at stake, but Corner Pin B are the favourites as a draw would give them the title. Ashwood were 10-0 winners over Princess Royal and Cricketers finished their league season with a 7-3 win at Black Lion.

Next week its match 28 and the following is at stake ..

Premier :- Green Baize need to avoid defeat and will be runners up , a Plaza B win and its a play off.

Championship :- Cuckoo A have to win at Longton Moor to get a play off or else Wolstanton will be champions .

Afford Division :- Corner Pin B need to avoid defeat at home to second placed Cuckoo B to be crowned Champions. A Cuckoo B win only will make them champions.

All in all not a bad league season ...

04.10.2019 ...MEETING UPDATE ...

At last nights meeting the end of season cups were discussed , formats given out and rules were sorted.

The end of season cups are this year being split into three competitions.

The Complete Accident Repair Trophy will be contested by the top two finishing sides in each division.

The One Stop Computers Cup will be contested by 5 teams from the Premier and Championship. There will be no seeding's and teams will be drawn into groups of FIVE.

The Trent Trophies Shield will be played by the six remaining Afford Division sides.

So in total there will be 4 Groups.

Each team will play each other home or away dependent on the initial draw numbers.(Teams will be drawn into groups to see who plays home or away , teams drawn 1/4 or 5 will play 3 home games. Teams drawn 2/3 or 6 will play two home games)

The top 4 from The Complete Accident Repair Group and the Trent Trophies Group will contest the semi final 1v 4 and 2 v 3 in each of the competitions.

The One Stop Computers Group will have winners of Group 1 v Runner Up Group 2 and vice versa.

Matches in the group stage will be 2 pts for a win and 1 for a draw. In the semis it will be a blackball shoot out if required.

Seeded players can only play 2 frames in a match.

Semi - Finals onwards players must have played 33% of league fixtures.

Cuckoo A and Cuckoo Rileys will be drawn opposite as they share a table and same with Corner Pin A and B

02.10.2019 ...AFFORD KO CUP...

Last nights action cantered on the Afford KO Cup and Plate , being at the semi final stage it was Played on 'neutral' ground the Plaza. In the main event , the league's 'blue ribbon' event Plaza B ran out 6-3 winners over Green Baize, including in the excellent team performance 3 x 8 ball clearances. The other semi went to a black ball shootout in which Longton Pool were the 'hotshots' winning the shoot out against Misfits.

The Plate was also tight with Spitfires A beating Cricketers in the final frame for a 6-4 win and this included 2 x 8 ball clearances. Meeting Spitfires in the final are Players, who with only 3 players got a 5-5 draw with Longton Moor before winning the Blackball shootout 5-4 in sudden death.

All the stats are now available.

A reminder its league meeting this week and next week its match 27 in the league season, will we have the champions from the championship confirmed !!!!

24.09.2019 ...LEAGUE MATCH 26...

League match 26 tonight and the Afford Division was making the headlines. Leaders Corner Pin B were beaten again at Ashwood, 8-2, giving Cuckoo B the chance to draw level at the top ... but they could only manage a 5-5 draw at Spitfires B, despite leading 5-3. With 2 games to go a point separates the sides and they both meet on the final day of the league season at the Corner Pin. Black Lion recorded an excellent and rare 7-3 away win at Corner Pin A . Cricketers were 7-3 winners at home to Princess Royal.

In the Premier second placed Plaza B dropped a point at Longton Pool and therefore opened the door for Green Baize to leapfrog them into second place with a win over Scorpions, which they easily did, by 8-2. This should be interesting as the sides meet at Plaza in the final match of the league campaign. Plaza hammered Misfits 9-1.

The Championship may be decided at the next league game as leaders Wolstanton 8-2 winners over Longton Moor, will face second placed Cuckoo A, tonight winners 6-4 at Players. The sides are level on points but Cuckoo do have a game in hand... Also in the Championship Spitfires A were 7-3 winners at Cuckoo Rileys ..

Next weeks action sees the semi-finals of the Afford KO Cup at Plaza ...

17.09.2019 ...LEAGUE MATCH 25...

League match 25 tonight and it was the Championship that made the headlines ... Leaders Cuckoo A took a 8-2 battering at home by Nomads. Second placed Wolstanton could only manage a home draw with Cuckoo Rileys, meaning the top 2 are level on points , Wolstanton though have played an extra game than Cuckoo. It should be interesting when they play each other on the penultimate match night ... Longton Moor drew 5-5 with Players.

In the Premier champions Plaza were beaten 6-4 away at Longton Zzz's. Green Baize moved to within a point of second placed Plaza B after a 7-3 win over Longton Pool. Scorpions recorded a 6-4 win over Misfits.

The Afford league looks to be going to the last game after leaders Corner Pin B beat Cricketers 8-2 and Cuckoo B were 6-4 winners over Ashwood. Black Lion had a rare win beating Princess Royal 7-3. Spitfires B and Corner Pin A shared a 5-5 draw.

Next week its match 26 ...

12.09.2019 .LEAGUE UPDATE...

Presentation for the 2019 season will be held at Longton Snooker Club on Saturday 21st March .

Single Merits to be played on the Presentation night will be between reigning champion Adam Davis and Andy Brammer. The match will start at 8pm.

The end of season cups will revert back to the 'old' way following criticism last year. 6 teams will contest the Complete Accident Repair Champions Trophy. 10 teams will contest the One Stop Computers Cup and 6 teams will contest the Trent Trophies Shield. All matches will be played on Group formats , giving pubs/clubs extra home games. The draws for these will take place as soon as the teams can be allocated via their league positions.

Congratulations to Dan Wright on winning the 2019 Singles Plate.(The hardest title to win !!!)

05.09.2019 ..MEETING UPDATE...

Tonight's league meeting the following was announced and discussed.

A full report on the One Frame KO

Forthcoming Single Merits

Introduction of the Player of the Season - To go on frames won ..

Doubles Merits to be played on a Tuesday night .

Late Results making it hard to keep the website up to date

Presentation - Date to be confirmed but hoping for a Saturday in March preferably 14th

A place in the Monday league if any team fancies it

Whether to make the League meetings every two months ..

The format of a Blackball Division should it happen
8 teams required
Blackball teams would enter the main cups (playing world rules)
Have their own merits
End of season cup to be played to Blackball rules

03.09.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 24....

Tonights action in the Premier saw the top two sides clash and a win for Plaza would seal the league title... The match saw Plaza B lead 3-1 but a run of 4 frames plus the final frame settled the title for the reigning champions Plaza .. Congratulations from the committee to them. They have lead from week 1 and thoroughly deserved the title. Longton Zzz's were 6-4 winners at Misfits

In the Championship the top 2 came through unscathed. Cuckoo A at Spitfires A , winning a tricky match 6-4 and Wolstanton winning 9-1 at Players. Nomads were 6-4 victors at home to Longton Moor.

The Afford division stays as you were, with Corner Pin B winning 8-2 at Black Lion and Cuckoo B winning 6-4 away at Cricketers. With Spitfires B losing 6-4 at Ashwood ,both the top two are guaranteed silverware, just the matter of whose going to be the champions.

Next week its Singles Merits and the Plate ...8.15 start at Plaza for those involved. Plus two re-arranged Afford Division matches ... Cuckoo B v Princess Royal and Corner Pin A v Cricketers

31.08.2019 ..ONE FRAME KO YOU TUBE....

The You Tube videos are now available , 17 in total and I managed to get 25 different players on there ... We now have over 100 you tube videos from the last 6 years ...

Search OFK19 or follow the links below ... And as they say 'Don't forget to subscribe' !!!!

Round One
Tom Brunskill v Ethan Machin
George Bradbury v Gaz Roberts
Mick Hoddle v Javed Iqbal
Paul Farrimond v Jon Locker
Round Two Winners
Neil Jones v John Hurst
Zac Cooper v Keith May
Round Two Losers
Nick Wilshaw v Steve Jones
Nick Shenton v Matt Callear
Dan Wright v Andy Dawson
Round Three Winners
Jon Hughes v Glenn Bradbury
Round Three Losers
Sean Cooper v John Price
Round Four Losers
Gaz Roberts v John Hurst
Round Five Losers
Lee Walker v Dan Wright
Round Six Losers
Jason Brindley v Paul Farrimond
Quarter Final
Glenn Bradbury v Paul Farrimond
Semi Final
Shaun Tunnicliffe v Zac Cooper
Zac Cooper v Javed Iqbal


28.08.2019 ..ONE FRAME KO ....

This years event produced a new name to go on the trophy as Zac Cooper came through the losers half to capture the title. Reigning champion Lee Walker almost became the first person to retain the title but lost out in the last 8. The final was contested by Javed Iqbal and Zac, with Zac lifting the title.

All the streamed games from last night will be on you tube later. All the results are here 2019 One Frame KO

20.08.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 23 ....

Match 23 took place tonight and the top of the Premier is almost sorted. Plaza were awarded a 7-3 after Green Baize failed to raise a side. Second placed Plaza B dropped a point at home to Longton Zzz's in a 5-5 home draw. Longton Pool stay rooted to the bottom despite a 5-5 draw with Misfits.

The Championship leaders Cuckoo A had the bye and second placed Wolstanton could only draw 5-5 at home to fourth placed Nomads , who moved a point clear of Longton Moor after they were beaten 6-4 at home to Spitfires A. Players were beaten 6-4 at home to Cuckoo Rileys.

The Afford league is as you were after Corner Pin B were 10-0 winners over Princess Royal. Cuckoo B stay second after a tight 6-4 win over Black Lion. Spitfires B moved into third place , leapfrogging Cricketers after beating them 7-3. Corner Pin A were 6-4 winners at Ashwood.

Next week its the One Frame KO , 8.15 start at Plaza, any players not attending please let me know as per rules. We have a full 64 entries ..

06.08.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 22 ....

Tonight's action saw league match 22 take place and the Premier title seems destined to stay with Plaza, leaders since match One. Second placed Plaza B ran into the league's form side Misfits and suffered a 6-4 defeat. This lifts Misfits to fourth place, their highest position of the season. With Plaza easily beating Scorpions 6-4 , they now have a 5 point lead with only 5 games to play. Green Baize easily beat Longton Zzz's 8-2 to stay in third.

In the Championship all 3 games ended 5-5, showing how tight the Division is. Leaders Cuckoo shared the spoils 'away' at Cuckoo Rileys. Wolstanton were unable to gain any ground as they were held at Spitfires A. Players with only 3 players managed a draw with Nomads.

The Afford division leaders Corner Pin B sneaked a 6-4 win over Corner Pin A and Cuckoo B 7-3 at Princess Royal, so its as you were ... Spitfires B recorded a 9-1 away win at Black Lion and Cricketers were 6-4 winners at home to Ashwood.

Only one game next week, Princess Royal v Corner Pin A ... everyone else gets a night off ...

30.07.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 21 ....

League match 21 means, we are on the 'final lap' and the top two divisions took a twist and all 3 leaders have a clear advantage with 7 games to go. In the Premier, leaders Plaza returned to winning ways beating Longton Pool 7-3. Second placed Plaza B , the form team, came unstuck losing 7-3 at home to Green Baize. Longton Zzz's were 8-2 winners at Scorpions.

The Championship saw Cuckoo A move two points clear after a 6-4 home win over Longton Moor. Nomads hammered Cuckoo Rileys 9-1 to leap frog them in the league. Spitfires A were 7-3 victors over Players.

The Afford league was as you were , with the top two not playing. Ashwood were 9-1 winners at Black Lion , whilst Spitfires B were 7-3 winners at Princess Royal. Corner Pin A also recorded an away win , 6-4 at Cricketers.

There's a league meeting , including the draw for the singles Plate , on Thursday and Next week its league match 22 ..

23.07.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 20 ....

League match 20 in the Premier saw Plaza B close in on Plaza by winning  their game in hand, 7-3 at Scorpions and close the gap to just a single point at the top, and with 8 games to go, plus they also clash ,it could prove to be a good end to the season. Misfits continue a revival , beating Green Baize 7-3. Longton Zzz's are off the bottom after a 6-4 win over Longton Pool ,who now hit the bottom ...

In the Championship Top v Second produced a 5-5 draw at Wolstanton v Cuckoo A .. Only alphabetical order separates the sides. Longton Moor lost ground after a 6-4 defeat at Cuckoo Rileys. Nomads and Spitfires A shared a 5-5 draw.

In the Afford league its same as you were with leaders Corner Pin B winning 7-3 at Spitfires B and Cuckoo B winning by the same margin at Corner Pin A . Congratulations to newcomers Princess Royal who gained their first point at Ashwood in a 5-5 draw .... Cricketers recorded a 7-3 home win over Black Lion.

A reminder that its DOUBLE MERITS on Sunday , all players need register for 12.10 ... anyone not coming let me know ...

16.07.2019 ..PLAZA FOURS SEMIS ....

After all the upsets last week, tonight we expected a more predictable battle for places in the Plaza Fours final. In the main event the first upset came when Longton Pool edged out Green Baize in a last frame thriller 6-5. Longton Zzz's steadily went about their business ensuring one of the Championship favourites, Wolstanton, were kept in check, as the Zzz's booked their place thanks to a 6-3 score line. The last match to finish tonight saw Championship side Spitfires A beat Premier side Scorpions by 6-4 to take the biggest scalp of the evening,

In the Plate it was plain sailing as Misfits, Players and Corner Pin A will line up in the final on October 29th.

Its league match 20 and in all three divisions it 'game on '

09.07.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 19 ....

And so awakens the Stoke Pool League as all three divisional leaders crash to defeat ... In the Premier League leaders Plaza crashed to defeat . This week in the league they slumped to a 7-3 defeat at the hands of , second bottom side Misfits. With Plaza B beating Longton Pool 6-4,the gap at the top is just 3 points with Plaza B also having a game in hand. Green Baize were 7-3 victors over Scorpions.

In the Championship leaders Wolstanton were beaten 6-4 at Longton Moor. Cuckoo A move top despite being held to a 5-5 draw at home to Players. Cuckoo Rileys and Spitfires A shared a 5-5 draw. Only 1 point separates the top 3.

In the Afford Division leaders Corner Pin B slumped to a 7-3 home defeat against Ashwood. Cuckoo B closed the gap to 4 points, with a game in hand, after a 6-4 home win over Spitfires B. Corner Pin A were 7-3 winners against Black Lion and Cricketers were 9-1 winners at Princess Royal

Next week its the semifinals of the Plaza Fours (draw here) . All matches are at Plaza with a 8.15 start ...

05.07.2019 ..MEETING UPDATE .... JULY ...

At last nights meeting the following was announced / Discussed and drawn...

Doubles merits on Sunday July 28th at Plaza. 18 entries (see Doubles) . We will be taking entries for this until the day.
Therefore we will asking players to register BEFORE 12.15 and the draw will be made and start time 12.30.
We have a free to enter plate event so all pairs will get 2 matches at least.

Plaza Fours semi-finals , drawn at the last meeting are all played at Plaza. The 33% rule will be used.

The draws for the semi-finals of the Afford KO Cup and Plate , to be played on October 1st was drawn and is now available.

Single merits Quarter-final draw and semi-final draws were made and are now available .

Re-arranged fixtures
Tuesday 9th July Black Lion v Corner Pin A will be played at Sneyd Arms due to Black Lion being unavailable.
Tuesday 30th July Match 21 Corner Pin A v Cricketers will be reversed and played at Cricketers due to Corner Pin being unavailable.
Match 28  Cricketers v Corner Pin A will be reversed and played at Corner Pin on Tuesday September 10th

Entries for the One Frame KO were taken. 64 entries so the perfect 64.
 I will set a reserve list up should any player drop out. Full list of entries here ... and on stats page..

At a recent World rules revision meeting it was decided that no changes to world rules for at least another 5 years. On the back of this Stoke Pool League will be launching for the 2020 season a 'Blackball' rules division. It will come under our wing and our rules will be incorporated. We will be needing a minimum of 8 sides though.. and we expect a few sides to move over from the World Rules side of the league... Once again we are striving to move forward with pool and not sitting still .. and listening to our players ...

Next meeting is scheduled for August 1st and the singles plate draw will be done then ..

02.07.2019 ...AFFORD KO CUP....

It was the Afford KO Cup tonight , a few 6-4 results and two matches ended 5-5 and were decided by the blackball shoot out.

In the main event, Plaza B, were 6-4 winners over Plaza. Green Baize eased to a 6-0 win at home to Afford league side Cuckoo B. Longton Pool had an excellent 6-4 away win at Championship leaders Wolstanton. Misfits completed the semi-final line-up beating Longton Zzz's 6-4.

In the Plate we had 2 shootouts. Cricketers were 2-1 winners over Black Lion and Players were 3-2 winners at Corner Pin A. Longton Moor edged a 6-4 win at Spitfires B and Spitfires A were 6-2 winners over Ashwood.

The draws for these will be done at the meeting on Thursday.

26.06.2019 ..UPDATE ....

League meeting next Thursday (July 4th) start time changed due to venue being used. We will start at 8.30pm instead. Reminder that its the deadline for One Frame KO entries, so don't forget ...

25.06.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 18 ....

League match 18 and the leaders Plaza continue to keep us on the edge of our seats, once again its 4 each and they win the last 2 frames to stay clear at the top. This week it was Longton Zzz's who came up short. With this result Longton Zzz's dropped to the bottom of the table after Longton Pool beat Green Baize 6-4 to move up two places. Scorpions were 7-3 winners over Misfits...

The Championship saw leaders, Wolstanton win 6-4 at Cuckoo Rileys and second placed Cuckoo A win 7-3 at Nomads . Longton Moor were 6-4 winners at Players and jumped two places into third.

In the Afford Division all 3 top sides were winners away, Corner Pin B at Cricketers  7-3, Cuckoo B at Ashwood 6-4 and Spitfires B 6-4 at Corner Pin A .

Newcomers to the league Princess Royal had their first game and were on the end of a 8-2 Black Lion win.

Next weeks games see the Afford KO cup quarter-finals and a re-arranged league game Princess Royal v Corner Pin B ..

18.06.2019 ..SINGLE MERITS ....

Tonight's results from the single merits and singles plate are now available to view , thanks for all the prompt results (mine was the last game finished !!!!) just one pair not sent theirs in ....

Holder Adam Davis is through and the Championship is represented by Russ Malbon and Dan Haney.

The last 8 of both events will be played on 10th September at Plaza , the main event to the final and the plate will be played to a conclusion. The Plate will start at 8pm and the main event 8.30pm.

13.06.2019 ..MEETING UPDATE....

Bullet points from tonight's meeting ...

Princess Royal are joining the league .. first game on Tuesday 25th June at home v Black Lion

Entry forms went out for the ONE FRAME KO on August 27th - Entry is FREE but names must be in for next meeting to ensure the format and start times are correct for the event.

Singles merits (and Plate) on Tuesday , One winner per table except Cuckoo , one winner from the venue.

Seabridge have moved to Players and Old Sal have moved to Black Lion

Afford KO Cup Draw was made .. draw here

Plaza Fours draw was made .. draw here

The ruling for players late ..
Enter players on sheet
If the player fails to arrive by the time due to play .... player loses the frame
Should they arrive before his next due frame he can play ...

Next meeting due on Thursday July 4th

11.06.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 17 ....

It was a top of the table clash in the Premier and for the second week running , leaders Plaza won the final frame to scrape a draw 5-5, this week with Plaza B. It turned out that all 3 games in the Premier were 5-5 draws ...

In the Championship, leaders Wolstanton were 8-2 home winners over Players (formerly Seabridge). Cuckoo A were 6-4 home winners over Spitfires A and Longton Moor shared a 5-5 draw with Nomads.

In the Afford, leaders Corner Pin A were 8-2 winners over Black Lion. They opened up a 2 point lead after Cuckoo B and Cricketers had a 5-5 draw. Spitfires B were 8-2 home winners over Ashwood.

Next week its Single Merits round 2 .... and the opening round of the singles plate ...

08.06.2019 ..LEAGUE UPDATE ....

A review of Tuesdays games,

Premier :-Leaders Plaza drop a point, 5-2 down to Green Baize but get the last three frames for the point. Second Placed Plaza B lose a 3-0 lead at Longton Zzz's and can only manage a draw. Misfits climb off the bottom after a 8-2 hammering over Longton Pool.

Championship :- Wolstanton go top after a point at Nomads. Seabridge win 8-2 at Cuckoo Rileys . Spitfires A and Longton Moor shared the points in another draw. Only 5 points now seperate top and bottom ,,,
Afford:- Cuckoo B moved to within a point of the top after a hard fought 6-4 away win at bottom side Black Lion. Cricketers win last 2 frames at home to Spitfires B to claim a point. Ashwood win 6-4 at Corner Pin A and move up two places..

League match 17 on Tuesday and league meeting on Thursday ...


Thursdays league meeting has been cancelled and will now take place NEXT THURSDAY 13th June ... Stats/Website will be updated next weekend ..

28.05.2019 ..PLAZA FOURS.....

The Plaza Fours was played tonight and the holders Plaza crashed out of the competition getting easily beaten by Championship side Spitfires A by 6-3. Another Premier side to slump out at the hands of a Championship side were Plaza B , beaten 6-4 away at Wolstatnton. Scorpions survived a scare at Cricketers from the Afford Division winning 6-4. Longton Pool and Longton Zzz's had no problems moving to round 3 with wins over Championship opposition.

In the Plate Corner Pin A (Afford )turned the form book upside down , beating Cuckoo Rileys (Championship) 6-5 ... Ashwood also recorded a good win beating Afford leaders Corner Pin B 6-2.

Next week its league match 16 and a reminder next weeks league meeting has been changed to Thursday June 13th due to England playing (and beating) Holland ...

21.05.2019 ..MATCH 15 .....

The second half of the season kicked in tonight and with the Championship split we are hoping for a exciting 'second half' of season. The Premier leaders, Plaza, were 7-3 winners at Scorpions, to remain clear at the top. Their pursuers Plaza B were 6-4 winners over bottom side Misfits and Green Baize eased to a 8-2 win over Longton Zzz's. So no changes anywhere in the division.

The Championship saw leaders Cuckoo A lose at home to third placed Cuckoo Rileys by 7-3 and with second placed Wolstanton sharing a 5-5 draw with Spitfires A we now have 3 sides sharing top position on 21 points.

In the newly formed Afford Division, leaders Corner Pin B easily disposed of Corner Pin A by 8-2. Spitfires B were 9-1 winners over Old Sal and Ashwood recorded a 6-4 home win over Cricketers.

Next weeks fixtures see the second round of the Plaza Fours

15.05.2019 ..PREMIER MATCH 14 & OFK....

Last nights action saw the Premier have a 'little twist' with leaders Plaza only managing a 5-5 draw away at Longton Pool . Plaza B were 6-4 victors over Green Baize and now sit only 3 points behind the leaders at the halfway stage.

In the Championship OFK, 46 players entered the event and by the time we got to the last 8 stage , most of the league's top individuals (according to the stats !!!) had departed the competition ... that's One Frame Pool ... So to the final it was Scott Brannan who came out on top beating Steve Glover in the final ... Congratulations to our first winner of the season ...

08.05.2019 ..LEAGUE UPDATE....

All the fixtures for the Championship and the Afford divisions are now available. League tables have also been done ...

Championship OFK will take place next Tuesday 8.15 start .. Its once again double elimination ....Tables are available for practice from 7pm (tables 3-10)  ..

The Premier game between Scorpions and Longton Zzz's has been switched to Longton Snooker to accommodate the OFK at Plaza.

We will be streaming the event via our facebook page , Paul Ward is commentating and I'm sure we will have a few 'guests' to discuss the games alongside him !!!

07.05.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 13....

League match 13 and its nearly halfway in the Premier and its time for the 'Championship Split' .. In the Championship leaders Cuckoo A were held to 5-5 draw by third placed Longton Moor. Second placed Wolstanton were unable to take advantage as they slipped to a 6-4 home defeat against Seabridge. Cuckoo Rileys moved into third place after a 8-2 away win at Old Sal.

The new Championship and Afford fixtures will be out tomorrow ..

In the Premier , leaders Plaza had a bye so the the 'chasers ' Plaza B and Green Baize had chance to close the gap. That they both did , Green Baize hammering Misfits 8-2, Misfits now slump to the foot of the league, Plaza B edged out Scorpions 6-4. Longton Zzz's and Longton Pool shared a 5-5 draw ..

Match 14 in the Premier next week and its the Championship OFK at Plaza 8.15 start.

04.05.2019 ..MEETING UPDATE....

At Thursdays meeting a major decision was made regarding the 'Championship Split',  the Singles Merits and Plate draws, OFK entry plus details of the next league meeting.

 Full Draw is here ...Single Merits 2019 ...

 Full Draw is here ...Singles Plate 2019...

The Championship split was confirmed as happening on Tuesday May 21st , the division will be split into 2 divisions of 7 teams. Such a shame that we refused entry to 2 sides after our start now ....

The fixtures will 'hopefully' be live next week .. and a new 'stats' page to incorporate the change will also be introduced to the website.

The Championship OFK will be played on Tuesday 14th May at Plaza with a 8.15 start time .. 44 entries were received on Thursday night and a full list is available

The next league meeting due for Thursday 6th June is now to be 13th June due to England playing Holland in the Nations Cup semi-final .. 

30.04.2019 ..SINGLES MERITS ROUND 1....

All the results from the single merits are now available on the single merits page. The draw for the second round will be done at Thursdays meeting.

All the losers from the first round are entitled to enter the plate free of charge, I will be contacting delegates ASAP to confirm entries...

23.04.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 12....

Match 12 tonight threw up some strange fixtures in the Championship, the top 8 all clashed and the bottom 6 also clashed ,giving them a chance of recording some well needed points.
Leaders Cuckoo A travelled to Spitfires A , who started the night 3 points behind the leaders.. In a tight match Cuckoo A clinched the final 3 frames to record a 6-4 win. Wolstanton eased past Cuckoo B 7-3. Longton Moor though were beaten 6-4 by Cuckoo Rileys and now drop 2 points behind the 'joint' leaders Cuckoo A and Wolstanton.
At the bottom of the table Spitfires B moved up a place after a 8-2 win over Old Sal.

In the Premier, the top 3 sides all recorded wins and in the 30 frames their were eight 8-ball clearances ... including  Adam Davis recording  three 8-balls from 3 frames !!!!

Leaders Plaza were 7-3 winners away at Misfits. Plaza B recorded a 6-4 win at Longton Pool and Green Baize also won away, at Scorpions, by 7-3 .. meaning its as you were in the Premier.

Next week its the First Round of the Single Merits .. 50 players are setting out to win the title and £200 in cash.. Question is , Can anyone stop Adam Davis from making it 3 years on the bounce ??? Full Draw is here ...Single Merits 2019 ...
Can all winners please text or message the results through , text, messenger , whatsapp or the Facebook page will do ...

16.04.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 11....

League match 11 and the Championship lead is a 3-way tie at the top. Leaders Longton Moor were beaten 6-4 at home to Spitfires A and with Cuckoo A 9-1 winners over Corner Pin A and Wolstanton 8-2 over Ashwood , all 3 sides are level on 18 points. Nomads 7-3 winners over Cuckoo B are only 2 points behind the three leaders.

In the Premier Plaza got back to winning ways, 8-2 over a depleted Longton Zzz's side. Green Baize were 7-3 victors over Longton Pool and Scorpions eased to a 8-2 win over Misfits.

All the results are on their appropriate page. Next week its match 12

09.04.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 10....

Match number 10 tonight and the Premier league may not be over yet (as I thought). Leaders Plaza were beaten 6-4 by second placed Plaza B and the lead is only 4 points. Misfits climbed off the bottom of the table after a 6-4 home win over Longton Zzz's.

In the Championship leaders Cuckoo A were beaten 6-4 at the Seabridge, this allowing Longton Moor, 6-4 victors at Corner Pin A, to return to the top of the table. Wolstanton closed the gap in 3rd after a 7-3 win at Old Sal. Nomads recorded a 9-1 win at Ashwood to move into fourth spot with only four points splitting the top 4.

Next week its match 11 ...

05.04.2019 ..MEETING UPDATE.....

At last nights busy meeting we did the draw for the Single merits , the draw for the Plaza Fours , distributed OFK forms ...

Due to a few missing championship teams the OFK19 -The Championship ,that will be played on Tuesday May 14th , now has the entry form on our 'Forms' page , which is on the Admin drop menu ...Page here

The single merits is also out , just awaiting the draw for venues .. Single Merits

And finally the Plaza Fours and Plate Draw ....Draw here

02.04.2019 ..AFFORD KO CUP 2ND ROUND.....

The Afford KO cup tonight featured 3 games with 5 byes. Plaza B showed no mercy as they hammered Nomads 6-1. Misfits were 6-2 victors at Cuckoo Rileys. The 'big match' featured Cuckoo A v Cuckoo B , Championship leaders Cuckoo A were expecting a easy passage but thats not pool ... as at 5-5 it went to a blackball shootout and we await the 'facebook' posting as Cuckoo B were 3-2 winners in the shootout ..

In the Plate Corner Pin A had a walkover and Seabridge were at home to Corner Pin B in a close fought game. The 'Pin' led 2-0 , then Seabridge fought back to lead 3-2 ...  Then it swung 5-3 to the Pin only for the Seabridge to win the last 2 frames to take it to a blackball shootout. It was the Seabridge that held their nerve to win 4-3 in the shoot out to move into round 2.

In a re-arranged league game , brought forward from next week, Longton Pool shared a 5-5 draw with Scorpions.

26.03.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 9.....

Tonight we saw Match 9 take place and in the Premier the match to end the season as a competitive league saw Plaza win 7-3 at Green Baize, to move 6 points clear after only 8 games. Longton Pool moved off the bottom place after a 7-3 win over Misfits, meaning Misfits replace them at the bottom. Plaza B were 6-4 winners over Longton Zzz's.

In the Championship the top 5 all recorded wins, leaders Cuckoo A eased to a win over Cuckoo B 7-3, Longton Moor were also were victors by 7-3, over Seabridge. Wolstanton recorded a 9-1 home win over Spitfires B. Spitfires A were 6-4 winners over Corner Pin A and Nomads secured a 7-3 home win over Old Sal. Cricketers moved up the table for the second week after a 7-3 win at home to Ashwood.

A reminder next Tuesday its the Second Round of the Afford KO Cup, only a few games due to the byes ... 3 matches in the main event and 2 in the Plate. All the draw are HERE ...

20.03.2019 ..OFK THE CHAMPIONSHIP.....

Due to unforeseen circumstances the OFK Championship will be played on Tuesday May 14th 8pm start at Plaza . Entry forms will be out at the next league meeting on April 4th. We will once again be playing double elimination and entry fee will be £2. Their will therefore be no 'Championship' games that night.

The main OFK 19 will now be played on Tuesday August 27th and entry will be online in June , entry for this one is FREE ...

19.03.2019 .. LEAGUE MATCH 8.....

Match 8 tonight and at the top of the Premier League , Plaza, now have a 5 point lead. After winning the last 3 frames against Scorpions for a  6-4 win , second placed Green Baize were hammered 7-3 by Longton Zzz's, to leave Plaza sitting happy at the top. Msfits and Plaza B shared the points in a 5-5 draw.

In the Championship we have new leaders. Cuckoo B held leaders Longton Moor to a 5-5 draw , giving Cuckoo A the chance to go top and they did in style winning 9-1 at the Ashwood.. Wolstanton stay third following a 8-2 win at Corner Pin B. Cricketers Arms were 8-2 winners at Old Sal to move up a couple of positions in the table.

All the results are on their relevant page ..

12.03.2019 .. LEAGUE MATCH 7.....

In tonight's game the Premier reached the end of 'session 1' . All teams have met and leaders Plaza have now got a 3 point cushion. Tonight they eased passed Longton Pool 8-2 . Second placed Green Baize took a 7-3 thrashing at Plaza B. Longton Zzz's moved off the bottom of the table after easing past Scorpions 8-2.

In the Championship Longton Moor remain in top spot after beating Ashwood 8-2. Cuckoo A stay a point behind after they also recorded a 8-2 win , over Old Sal. Wolstanton moved into third after a 7-3 win over Cuckoo Rileys. Spitfires A are down to fourth after being held 5-5 by Cuckoo B.

A quick reminder that I'm still taking Merits entries ...Up to the end of the month..

10.03.2019 .. ADAM DAVIS AGAIN.....

At the league's 2018 presentation, Adam Davis retained his single merits title , beating John Price 5-1 in the final. The final was well attended and entries are now coming in for this seasons competition.

08.03.2019 .. ALAN BROWN .....

The funeral of Alan Brown ,will be taking place on Monday 25th March, 12 noon at Carmountside. The league will be represented by all the committee and hopefully many players, both past and present who shared my affection for this lovely man.

08.03.2019 .. DOUBLE MERITS SUNDAY JULY 28th.....

The date has been confirmed as Sunday July 28th. Please accept my apology for the date mix up , I blame the English Pool Association !!! Entries remain open for this until the next meeting . Any players who can't make this date can be refunded if done at the April meeting.

08.03.2019 .. AFFORD KO CUP DRAW .....

The second round of the Afford KO cup draw is available on its relevant page plus the opening round of the Afford KO Plate.

05.03.2019 .. PLAZA FOURS FIRST ROUND .....

The opening round of the Plaza Fours was played tonight and all the Premier sides that faced Championship opposition moved into the second round. The closest to a upset saw Seabridge take Scorpions all the way before losing the final frame for a 6-5 Scorpions win. Reigning champions Plaza recorded the only whitewash of the night ,thrashing Misfits 6-0. Five teams recorded 6-1 wins, Wolstanton, Spitfires A , Cuckoo A , Longton Zzz's and Plaza B.

All the results are on the Plaza Fours page and the stats have been updated.

A reminder for the rest of the week ... league meeting on Thursday , where all registration sheets, Singles and Double merits have to be in and the big 'match up' on Friday at the presentation as Adam Davis and John Price meet in the Singles merits final .. Tickets will be available at the league meeting.

26.02.2019 .. LEAGUE MATCH 6.....

Tonight we had match 6 take place and we now have every team off the mark with at least one win. Longton Zzz's got points on the board with a 7-3 away win over Longton Pool. Green Baize moved a point behind leaders Plaza after a 6-4 win at Misfits. Scorpions and Plaza B shared the points after a 5-5 draw.

In the Championship its Longton Moor who remain in top spot after a 7-3 win at Old Sal. Cuckoo A remain a point behind after a 8-2 win at Spitfires B. Spitfires A remain in third after they also had an away win , beating Ashwood 6-4.

All the results are on their relevant league page ..

A reminder its a big week in the league next week , as we have the opening round of the Plaza Fours on Tuesday , a league meeting on Thursday , where all registration sheets, Singles and Double merits have to be in and the big 'match up' on Friday at the presentation as Adam Davis and John Price meet in the Singles merits final .. Tickets will be available at the league meeting ...

19.02.2019 .. 2018 PRESENTATION .....

Tickets are available for the Presentation on Friday March 8th . The single merits final between the 2018 top 2 ranked players Adam Davis and John Price will take centre stage. The match will be starting at 8pm , tickets are available now.

19.02.2019 .. LEAGUE MATCH 5.....

Match 5 has been and gone and Plaza have opened up a 3 point lead at the top of the Premier. A 8-2 win tonight over Misfits and Green Baize drawing at home to Scorpions gives them a 'cushion' as they miss next weeks game. Longton Pool continue to impress after their promotion, tonight a 5-5 draw with Plaza B.

In the Championship there was a lot of high scores, every match 7-3 or 8-2. Longton Moor stay top after  beating Spitfires B 7-3. Cuckoo A are just a point behind after beating Corner Pin B 8-2. Spitfires A are up to third after a 7-3 home win over Old Sal. Corner Pin A were the big movers , off the bottom of the table, with a 8-2 win over Ashwood.

All the scores are on their relevant page.

12.02.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 4.....

League match 4 saw the only side with a 100% record crumble to defeat and two sides get their first points of the season and yet another leader in the Championship.

The Premier has now got the only side without a point as Longton Zzz's were beaten 7-3 by leaders Plaza. Green Baize were 6-4 winners at Longton Pool and Scorpions eased to a 8-2 win over Misfits.

This weeks Championship headlines were made by Old Sal and Cricketers Arms both getting their first points. Old Sal 6-4 home winners over Corner Pin A and Cricketers who were 7-3 winners at Nomads. Longton Moor moved top after edging a 6-4 win over Corner Pin B. The only 100% side in the league Cuckoo B came down with a bang , losing 9-1 away to Cuckoo Rileys.

Next weeks games see match 5 taking place ... 

07.02.2019 ..PLAZA FOURS ROUND ONE DRAW.....

The draw for the opening round of the Plaza Fours is available on its page ...

05.02.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 3.....

Match 3 has been and gone and Plaza showed no mercy in beating last years runners up Plaza B 8-2. Misfits made it 2 wins from 3 as they were 6-4 victors over Longton Zzz's. Scorpions are now on the board after a 6-4 win over Longton Pool.

In the Championship, Longton Moor, Corner Pin B and Cuckoo A all lost their 100% records, Longton Moor drawing 5-5 at home to Wolstanton, Corner Pin B losing 8-2 at Spitfires A and Cuckoo A ,8-2 lose, at home to Nomads. This left Cuckoo B the only 100% side in either league after a 7-3 home win over Ashwood. Seabridge recorded their first win with a 8-2 home win over Old Sal. Also off the mark was Corner Pin A after a 5-5 home draw with Spitfires B.

Full results and next weeks fixtures are on their appropriate page.

A quick reminder that presentation tickets are available at Thursdays meeting , priced £2.

29.01.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 2.....

League match Two was completed tonight and the first clash between , who many believe will be one and two at the end of the season. Green Baize led 5-3 over reigning champions Plaza only for the champions to scrap a 5-5 draw. Plaza B bounced back with a 8-2 away hammering of Longton Zzz's. Longton Pool eased into Premier life with a conclusive 6-4 win at Misfits.

In the Championship we had wins for Cuckoo A, Longton Moor, Spitfires B and Corner Pin B in their 'derby' v Corner Pin A by 6-4 . Wolstanton and Spitfires A shared a 5-5 draw ...

All the results are now on the relevant page.

22.01.2019 ..LEAGUE MATCH 1.....

The 2019 season is underway ... and reigning champions Plaza got off to a flier beating Scorpions 7-3 , which included 4 eight ball clearances. Green Baizes' welcome return to the league saw them edge a 6-4 win over Longton Zzz's. Misfits caused a upset beating last seasons runners up Plaza B 6-4.

Unfortunately only 7 sides in the Premier this year , its a case of quality over quantity for this season.

So to the Championship and we have 14 sides playing for the title. Wolstanton will be the early leaders after a 9-1 win over Corner Pin A. In the Cuckoo 'derby' the A side easily beat Cuckoo Rileys 7-3. Cuckoo B were 6-4 winners at home to Spitfires B. Ashwood also recorded a 6-4 win over Old Sal.

All the results are now on their relevant page.

Next week its League match 2...

17.01.2019 ..CROSS KEYS ON THE MOVE.....

Cross Keys have moved back to the Cricketers Arms in the Championship.

15.01.2019 ..AFFORD KO CUP FIRST ROUND.....

All the results are on the Afford KO page...Next weeks fixtures are on their relevant page .. Two divisions this year ..... and whose you 10p on for the titles ....

08.01.2019 ..AFFORD KO CUP FIRST ROUND.....

Well we are off and running with the 2019 season , the draw for the opening round of the Afford KO Cup is below.

A quick reminder that the KO cup is 10 singles and a 'blackball' shoot out should it be 5-5 ..

Afford KO Cup
Cross Keys v Green Baize
Seabridge v Cuckoo B
Spitfires B V Cuckoo A
Plaza B v  Spitfires A
Longton Moor v Wolstanton
Ashwood v Misfits
Plaza  v Old Sal
Longton Pool v Corner Pin B
Scorpions v Nomads
Cuckoo Rileys v Corner  Pin A
Longton Zzz's  v Bye
To Be Played Tuesday 15th January

24.12.2018 ..YOU TUBE VIDEOS ...

I've added 5 team videos from the end of season games onto You Tube, about 35 in total for the season , thanks to Michael Davies at the Plaza for enabling this with his set up ..

For the other videos please search Stoke Pool League .. and don't forget to subscribe ...

  Afford KO Cup Final
Plaza v Longton Snooker
  Afford KO Cup Semi
Plaza B v Plaza
  Complete Accident Repair Trophy Semi
Plaza B v Longton Zzz's
  One Stop Computers Cup
Scorpions v Longton Pool
  Plaza Fours Plate
Misfits v Crompos B

23.12.2018 ..KEY CALENDAR DATES ...

With the result at the AGM on whether the Single merits dates can be re-arranged (lost by 10 votes to 7) the key dates for next season are ...

Tuesday 30th April Single merits First round

Tuesday 18th June Single merits Second round

Tuesday 10th September Single merits Third round

Tuesday 12th November Single merits last 8

Double Merits is once again being played on a Sunday , July 21st this year..

Don't forget its free entry to all plate events this year ...

22.12.2018 .....2018 ROLL OF HONOUR ...

The roll of honour for the merits is below, don't forget the Single Merits final will be at the presentation, 8pm start between Adam Davis and John Price , best of 9 frames on Friday March 8th.

Our league 'official' bookie Micky D has the match priced at Adam 1/2 and John at 7/4 ..

Whose won what is below ... don't forget next season the One Frame KO, Singles Plate and Doubles Plate are all free entry ....

Adam Davis Or John Price 
Singles Plate
Winner      Liam Flaherty    
Runners Up       Rob Edgerton       
Winners  -  Adam Davis / Carl Hough
Runners Up - Sean Simpson / Kieron McDonald
Doubles Plate
Winners  -  John Price / Neil Jones
Runners Up - George Bradbury /Tony Hazledine
One Frame KO
  Winner    Lee Walker   
Runners Up   Sean Cooper       
Championship OFK
   Winner   Jason Price    
  Runners Up   Chris Kelsall   

21.12.2018 .....AGM NEWS ...

21 sides so far ...

Plaza Wolstanton Spitfires B
Plaza B Spitfires A Cuckoo B
Players Cuckoo Rileys Corner Pin A
Scorpions Blacks Head Old Sal
Longton Zzz's Nomads Corner Pin B
Misfits Cuckoo A Cross Keys
Longton Pool Ashwood Seabridge

20.12.2018 .....AGM NEWS ...

At the 2019 AGM two rules were changed... The Afford KO Cup will be played over 10 frames and a black ball shootout if the scores are level. The One Frame KO will be free entry for registered players , the Championship One Frame KO will be £2 entry ..
All rules will be available on the new look website next week.

The merits continue to have free entry in the plate giving extra value for the players. Sponsors for the new season have also been confirmed, Plaza the finals venue, Afford Rent-a-Car , One Stop Computers, Complete Accident Repair and Trent Trophies will sponsor our cups. Neil Jones is continuing to sponsor the merits .. A big thank you to all..

Presentation is confirmed for Friday March 8th at Longton Snooker Club.

We have a couple of spaces for new sides if anyone wants to join our league.

The next meeting will Tuesday January 8th and the 2019 season will start on 15th January.

20.12.2018 .....TEAM RULES ...

Team Rules/2019

Teams can only consist of ONE A Grade standard players.

Teams may have a maximum of TWO B Grade standard players 

Please Note *Teams with  A Grade player may only play with One B Grade Player.

Grade A  (1 player per team)
Adam Davis Rob Wharne 
Gareth Potts Jimmy Croxton
Lee Kendall  Neil Raybone
Lee Whitfield Liam White
Grade B
Carl Hough Danny Evans
Alex Bailey Ian Duffy
Darren Lightfoot   Ryan Cope
John Price Andy Blurton


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