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Following the announcement from the 'Clown' we will now be starting the season on Tuesday 20th July . Week 1 will be the Afford KO cup round 1 . The draws will be streamed here the week prior.

Last night we had the last 8 of the singles and plate. All matches were played to a excellent standard and a repeat of the final from a few years back with Steve Prince challenging holder Adam Davis.


So the schedule for us is as follows

Tuesday June 22nd we are all supporting England

Tuesday June 29th Doubles and Doubles Plate

Tuesday July 6th Singles and Plate

Tuesday July 13th 'Fuck Boris KO' at Plaza (TBC)

Tuesday July 20th The season Starts

14.06.2021 ....LEAGUE UPDATE ..MEETING NEWS ...

Teams confirmed for the new season .... Waiting on the next government announcement !!!

Ashwood Plaza
Corner Pin A Plaza B
Corner Pin B Plaza Blinders
Cricketers Arms Princess Royal
Cuckoo A Red Lion
Cuckoo B Scorpions
Cuckoo Rileys Smallthorne Vic
Longton Pool Spitfires A
Longton Zzz's Spitfires B
Nomads Wolstanton

09.06.2021 ....LEAGUE UPDATE ..MEETING NEWS ...

The doubles merits has reached the Final stage with 4 pairs contesting the 'money' prizes in the two competitions. The dates for these and the singles will be released in due course.

Next Tuesday we have the last 8 of the singles and the Plate , we are up and running with the streams at Plaza , we will have two matches next week and it will be streamed on our facebook page 'Stoke Pool Streams' . More information as I get it .

We have a 'acceptance meeting' on Thursday evening when we will now how many teams we are looking at for next season. Currently we stand at 19 teams confirmed ... A fantastic effort by all ..hopefully we can restart on June 29th ...

12.05.2021 ....LEAGUE UPDATE ..MEETING NEWS ...

We are all looking forward to next Tuesdays resumption of the league . I've updated the venues , Plaza and Longton Snooker , please confirm tables at both venues when entering the buildings .Its a 8.15 start (claim at 8.45 ) and let me know the results straight after so I can do the draw and website for the following week.

We will be holding a meeting next Thursday 20th May to update all delegates ready for the start of the 2021 season and through a few ideas about ...

A few questions and answers

*All league fees will be honoured 
*All player registrations will be honoured 
*New players need to follow normal procedure 
*Players switching sides will need the register

Monies owed 
*Any fines will be squashed
*Any outstanding rollerball will still be owed   

*The draws will be done immediately after the set date  
*The last two rounds must be played on set night for streaming purposes . 
*A new merits will run in the new season as normal and be 2021 merits .

*This will role into the acceptance meeting , any rule changes must be proposed by Thursday 29th May , two weeks prior to AGM / acceptance... hopefully just a case of saying all good and let’s start again


With only 22 days until pubs open again we have a quick update..

Due to the rule of 6 coming in with the reopening , doubles merits will be split over two weeks ... No more than 4 players will be at the table at any one time ....

So doubles merits will be on May 18th and 25th ...

For the people that have pointed this out Thank you ....

I am compiling a Q & A at present from messages received ... I will publish that closer to the start date...

04.04.2021 ....START DATES ???? ...

Well another month gone by and we are still on target for starting again ...

Tuesday May 25th with the Doubles and Doubles Plate . (Check the draw for update)

Tuesday June 1st Singles and Singles Plate .(Check the draw for update)

Draw available here YOUTUBE

A new Season will commence Tuesday June 29th ...Fingers crossed

01.03.2021 .... ...

Do we see light at the end of the tunnel ???

We recently did a 'Poll' on our facebook page that was viewed by 63 players

We asked if we should scrap 2020 season and restart a new fresh league for 21/22 .

Of the 63 players 32 voted yes , 6 to carry on and the rest were no voters.

If any non facebook players have an opinion please contact me.

The committee have their own 'roadmap'

We are putting a prize 'kitty' of £450 for the Singles and Doubles merits (also plates) this is is if we open as planned !!!

Tuesday May 25th Doubles and Plate Rounds 2 and 3

Tuesday June 1st Singles merits Rounds 2 and 3

Tuesday June 8th Doubles Merits Semis and Final

Tuesday June 15th Singles Merits Quarters and Semis

Tuesday June 22nd Singles Final (Prov)

Tuesday June 29th either season will commence or a New season will start.

Also look out for a new competition starting in June '8 to 1'

01.03.2021 .....TEAM RULES ...

Team Rules 2020/21

Teams can only consist of ONE A Grade standard players.

Teams may have a maximum of TWO B Grade standard players 

Please Note *Teams with  A Grade player may only play with One B Grade Player.

Grade A  (1 player per team)
Adam Davis Rob Wharne 
Gareth Potts Jimmy Croxton
Lee Kendall  Neil Raybone
Lee Whitfield Liam White
Grade B
Carl Hough Danny Evans
Alex Bailey Ian Duffy
Darren Lightfoot   Ryan Cope
John Price Andy Blurton


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