Stoke Pool League

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Single Merits

Last updated Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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Lee Whitfield v Adam Davis
Tuesday July 30th 8.30 Start
Best of Eleven

Tuesday May 21st
8pm Start at Plaza
Best of Nine
Daz Lightfoot  2-5 Lee Whitfield
Adam Davis 5-1   Andy Cragg
Rounds Three & Four

Best of Seven Frames

All matches at Plaza
Tuesday April 2nd - 8pm Start
Table 6
Steve Prince 2-4 Jon Hughes
Daz Lightfoot 4-2 Tom Middleton
Jon Hughes 3-4 Daz Lightfoot
Table 9
Jamie Symons 1-4 Sean Cooper 
Gary Mountford w/o Lee Whitfield
Sean Cooper  3-4 Lee Whitfield
Table 16
Nick Weller 4-3 Lee Hammersley 
Nick Wilshaw 0-4 Adam Davis
Nick Weller 0-4 Adam Davis
Table 7
Ryan Longson 3-4 Javed Iqbal
Rob Macaskill 1-4  Andy Cragg
Javed Iqbal 0-4   Andy Cragg
Round One & Two
 Paul Emery  w/o  Michael Banks
Lee Whitfield  4-2  Paul Ward
Paul Emery  1-4 Lee Whitfield 
Longton Snooker  Table 8
Wes Jervis 3-4  Hayden Frankland
Rob Macaskill  4-2  Zac Ahmed
 Hayden Frankland 3-4 Rob Macaskill 
Plaza Table 5
Andy Greatbatch  1-4  Nick Wilshaw
Ashley Thorley  0-4  Liam Flaherty
 Nick Wilshaw 4-1  Liam Flaherty
Andy Cragg  4-1  Matt Stacey
Jon Locker  w/o  Andy Carnall
Andy Cragg  4-0  Andy Carnall
Michael Davies w/o  Lee Macaskill
Jamie Symons  4-0  Jason Price
Michael Davies 1-4 Jamie Symons 
Longton Snooker   Table 9
Lee Hammersley     -- Bye --
Simon Carter  w/o  Russ Warburton
Lee Hammersley  4-3 Russ Warburton
Plaza  Table 8
Luke Williams  2-4  Gary Mountford
Connor Blackhurst  1-4  Jon Hewitt
Gary Mountford 4-0  Jon Hewitt
Longton Snooker   Table 10
Daz Hudson  w/o  Adam Davis
Paul Smith  4-3  Mark Buckley
Adam Davis 4-0 Paul Smith 
Javid Iqbal  w/o  George Bradbury
Nick Shenton  w/o  Wayne Connor
Javid Iqbal  4-3  Wayne Connor
Longton Snooker   Table 12
Daz Lightfoot  4-2  Tom Ward
Kieron McDonald  4-0  Lee Baskerville
Daz Lightfoot  4-0 Kieron McDonald 
Plaza  Table 11
Robert Taylor  2-4  Brad Price
Joe Knapper  3-4  Sean Cooper
 Brad Price 2-4  Sean Cooper
Plaza  Table 7
Kieran McConnell  4-1  Ant Shaw
Andrew Brammer  2-4  Tom Middleton
Kieran McConnell  1-4  Tom Middleton
Plaza  Table 16
Aidon Mountford  2-4  Steve Prince
Alex Batchelor  2-4  Keiron Boulton
 Steve Prince 4-3  Keiron Boulton
Plaza  Table 6
Ryan Longson  4-0  Kyle Cotton
Phil Allen  2-4  Tony Hazledine
Ryan Longson  4-2 Tony Hazledine
Longton Snooker   Table 13
Neil Jones     -- Bye --
Jon Hughes  4-3  Gary Blundred
Neil Jones  3-4 Jon Hughes 
Plaza  Table 9
Zak Shepherd     -- Bye --
Phil Williams  w/o  Nick Weller
Zak Shepherd  0-4  Nick Weller

Best of Seven Frames
One Winner per venue
Only Championship players allowed into Plate