Stoke Pool League

"Sponsored by Afford-Rent-a-Car"...

Doubles Plate

Basic Rules

1 One Frame Scotch Double
2/3 Two Frames Singles
4 One Frame Scotch 
5/6Two REVERSE singles
7 One Frame Scotch.

Scotch Doubles to be played
Interpretation : Alternative shots during break.
Once player plays shot NO TALKING ALLOWED
Lag For Break in EACH frame
No Talking in singles matches.
All matches will be best of 7

Player drawn first will stay 1-7 - Teams drawn second will swop on reverse singles. Any Player can lag/break in Scotch doubles.



To Be Played Tuesday 21st May 

Williams/Yale 4
 Ward/Hazledine 3
Bradbury/Roberts 1
Talor/Wright 4
Round 2

To Be Played Tuesday 21st May 

Luke Williams & Brett Yale w/o
Wes Jervis & Connor Blackhurst  
Andy Carnall & Lyn Carnall 1
Paul Ward & Tony Hazledine 4
George Bradbury & Gaz Roberts 4
Sean Cooper & Javed Iqbal 2
Carl Holdham & Raz Khalifa w/o
Rob Taylor & Adam Wright  

Round 1

To be Played on Tuesday 16th April

  Paul Ward & Tony Hazledine v
  At Longton Snooker T13  
Sean Cooper & Javed Iqbal 4
Lee Baskerville & Eddie Burke 0
  At Longton Snooker T14  
Rob Murray & Neil Jones W/O
Rob Taylor & Adam Wright
At Smallthorne  
  George Bradbury & Gaz Roberts 4
Phil Allen & Lee MacAskill 2
At Plaza T11
Brett Hill & Gary  Blundred 1
Luke Williams & Brett Yale 4
  At Plaza T7  
Carl Holdham & Raz Khalifa 4
John Hewitt & Kyle Cotton 0
At Lambourne
Andy Carnall & Lyn Carnall W/O
Jon Hughes & Kieron McDonald  
Bye v
Wes Jervis & Connor Blackhurst  

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