Stoke Pool League

40th Anniversary of the League...

Complete Accident Repair Trophy

Result Sheet

Complete Accident Repair Trophy rules
: Please note these will be applicable to the One Stop Computers Cup and the Trent Trophies Shield


Nomads 8 Plaza B 3 Players 7

*The Final will be played on TWO tables

*Each side will play 12 frames ,6 against each side in a
pre-set round robin.

*Should teams finish level a four player blackball shoot out
will determine the winners.

*All matches will be played at Plaza on
Tuesday December 4th with a 8.15 start.

All teams MUST text their team
(four players) through to the secretary no later than
7.30 on the night.

Third Round

To be played on Tuesday November 20th at Plaza

Plaza 3-6 Nomads
Plaza B 6-5 Longton Zzz's
Players 6-0 Crompos B


Second Round

To be played on Tuesday November 13th

Longton Moor 2-6 Plaza
Plaza B 6-5 Wolstanton
Players 6-1 Cuckoo A
Nomads 6-5 Scorpions
Blacks Head 4-6 Longton Zzz's
Misfits 4-6 Crompos B


First Round

To be played on Tuesday October 23rd

Old Sal 0-6 Plaza
Cricketers Arms 1-6 Plaza B
Corner Pin 1-6 Players
Scorpions 6-4 Cuckoo B
Spitfires B 2-6 Longton Zzz's
Ashwood 5-6 Misfits
Plaza C 3-6 Crompos B
Crompos A 3-6 Blacks Head
Nomads 6-5 Longton Pool
Cuckoo A w/o Longton Snooker
Wolstanton 6-4 Plaza Rileys
Spitfires A 5-6 Longton Moor