Stoke Pool League 2018

KO Report for OFK The Championship

The draw has not been made.
The 58 entries are as follows:
Adam Broughton(Spitfires A)
Alan Brown(Misfits)
Andy Booth(Spitfires A)
Andy Dawson(Spitfires B)
Ashley Cooper(Longton Moor)
Ashley Morris(Cuckoo)
Brad Plant(Cricketers Arms)
Bradley Price(Plaza C)
Brett Mooney(Corner Pin)
Dan Haney(Wolstanton)
Dave Smith(Spitfires A)
Daz Conroy(Wolstanton)
Daz Cooke(Wolstanton)
Eddie Burke(Cuckoo B)
Euan Dyer(Ashwood)
Gaz Roberts(Nomads)
George Bradbury(Nomads)
Glenn Bradbury(Nomads)
Jake Flaherty(Spitfires B)
Jamie Salt(Wolstanton)
Jason Brindley(Plaza Rileys)
Jason Price(Plaza C)
Jeff Brown(Plaza Rileys)
Jim Wigley(Cuckoo)
Kevin Brindley(Plaza Rileys)
Kyle Cotton(Cricketers Arms)
Lee Baskerville(Cuckoo B)
Lee Mansell(Cuckoo)
Luke Shaw(Blacks Head)
Matt Callear(Cricketers Arms)
Matt Moores(Cuckoo B)
Melvin Archer(Cuckoo)
Mick Hart(Cuckoo)
Mick Hollins(Cricketers Arms)
Mick Tunnicliffe(Spitfires B)
Mickey Dawson(Spitfires A)
Nick Shenton(Longton Moor)
Paul Dyer(Ashwood)
Paul Farrimond(Nomads)
Paul Hollins(Cricketers Arms)
Paul Smith(Plaza C)
Phil Shergold(Plaza Rileys)
Richard Evans(Nomads)
Rob DiParno(Ashwood)
Ron Carnall(Old Sal)
Russ Fryer(Ashwood)
Russ Malbon(Nomads)
Ryan Dimarco(Plaza C)
Ryan Malbon(Spitfires A)
Sam Salt(Corner Pin)
Shaun Tunnicliffe(Spitfires B)
Simon Heaton(Blacks Head)
Steve Foster(Cuckoo)
Steve Glover(Longton Moor)
Steve Jones(Wolstanton)
Steve Meakin(Cuckoo)
Tom Brunskill(Ashwood)
Tom Lovatt Jnr(Spitfires B)

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