Stoke Pool League

40th Anniversary of the League...

Plaza Fours
Result Sheet

Plaza Fours

All matches are 4 a side. Playing 11 frames.(first to 6)
Teams will play three sessions 4/4/3 on a set playing format.
All players must be drawn out .
Teams can substitute up to two players at any time in a
'one in one out' method.
Once 'out' a player can't return.

Second Round

Players v Cricketers Arms
Plaza B v Plaza
Longton Moor v Wolstanton 
Longton Snooker v Scorpions
Nomads v Plaza Rileys
Longton Zzz's v Crompos A
To Be Played Tuesday May 29th


First Round

Misfits 1-6 Plaza
Wolstanton 6-1 Cuckoo B
Longton Pool 2-6 Players
Longton Snooker 6-1 Crompos B
Longton Zzz's 6-5 Spitfires
Plaza Rileys 6-2 Ashwood
Scorpions 6-2 Cuckoo
Nomads 6-1 Corner Pin
Crompos A 6-3 Spitfires B
Old Sal 4-6 Cricketers Arms
Plaza C 2-6 Plaza B
Blacks Head 3-6 Longton Moor
To Be played Tuesday 6th March



Plaza Fours Plate

First Round

Misfits v Cuckoo B
Old Sal v Spitfires
Cuckoo v Blacks Head
Plaza C v Longton Pool
Ashwood v Corner Pin
Spitfires B v Crompos B
To Be Played Tuesday May 29th