Stoke Pool League

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Plaza Fours
Result Sheet

Plaza Fours

Round One

Tuesday 16th August

Corner Pin v Lambourne A
Norton Club v Lambourne B
Princess Royal v Plaza B
Scorpions v Plaza Rejects
Plaza Rileys v Spitfires B
Smallthorne Vic v Renegades
Spitfires A v TBC
Plaza 8 Balls Deep v Longton Pool
Nomads v Ashwood
Cricketers Arms v Plaza



Plaza Fours Plate



Updated Rules 22.07.21

🎱 Players must be drawn into playing order AT ALL TIMES

🎱 Lag for break in each frame - Winner has choice of break

🎱 Players can be substituted after first session - 

Once Out a player can not return

🎱 Should a team have only 3 players -

Draw players into positions 1, 2 and 3 leaving 4 blank

That applies to home or away side

🎱 If both sides have 3 players

Session 2 frame 7  home player 3 will play away player 1

🎱 If a team has 2 players

Home side draw players into positions 1 and 2
Away side draw players into positions 1 and 3


🎱 If both teams have only 2 players 'God Help Us'

 And Ring me !!!

Teams failing to turn a side out will be expelled from the competition and relinquish any plate position.