Stoke Pool League

40th Anniversary of the League...

'The Birthday Bash'

  'Birthday Bash' Flyer  

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Stoke Pool League we are holding the 'Birthday Bash' on Saturday November 17th at Plaza.

The start time will be 11am so its a full day of pool , and a guaranteed £500 prize pot.

Event One
The main event will be the 3 player team , teams will be drawn from 3 groups, a Premier league player , a championship player and a player from the Afford league. This should give us a even field , although getting George as a championship player is very hard luck !!!!

Event Two
A singles event will also be run , cash prizes again (£100 for the winner) for the last 4 , best of threes up to the money stages ..

Event Three
This will start as the semis of the other events takes places and therefore not feature those players , it will be 'OUR' event the One Frame KO , once again a cash prize for the finalists ...

Entries are on a first come first served and entry form will be out soon..

Entry Fee £5 .. For it all !!!

Online Entry Form

Last updated Monday, July 09, 2018